12 Fashion Terms Every Man Must Know

A lot of men are not conversant with fashion terms and a lot of us have no excuse for not knowing the meanings of common terms that can help determine how stylish we appear. While no one expects you to to know every fashion term out there, it is essential that you know certain words to not only look your best but also wow people around you with your knowledge of fashion.

While it can be pretty much easy to confuse what a herringbone means from how a houndstooth should look like, or what a black tie really means, read on and know all the fashion terms that a stylish man is expected to know.

When an outfit is referred to as ‘Aspirational’, the designers are simply talking about how Forward-looking their clothing designs are. It may also mean that the designs are ensembles that other men rightly aspire to emulate.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a coat or suit is well made and suitable for you, the balance is the term that can help you determine this. The balance refers to how parallel the front and back of your suit or coat is.

It is common to hear this fashion term bandied around loosely but bespoke refers to Individually tailored clothing or footwear, as opposed to off-the-peg or ready-to-wear outfits or footwears.

Black Tie
Black tie events relate to any event that you’re invited to and you’re expected to wear a dinner jacket or tuxedo. If an event is strictly defined as a black tie event, (even though it is rarely observed anymore), satin facings on the lapels of the suit, mirrored on the outer seams of the dinner suit trousers makes your suit suitable for black tie events.

Chalk Stripe
Chalk stripes are vertical lines found on suits and it is coloured similarly like chalks used by tailors in marking clothes while they sew. Chalk stripes are deliberately less distinct than a pin stripe, making them more suitable for formal occasions.

Stylish appearances that are describes as directional are outlier looks and clothes that have influenced the broader way that fashion trends have been over a period of time which could be seasons or years.

Shearling is another name or wonderful pelt for coats. A shearling is simply the skin of a lamb or sheep that has been tanned with the wool attached. It is usually employed in making fur coats.

A herringbone is usually found in a wool twill fabric. A type of chevron pattern is used to create the weave of the fabric.

The houndstooth is a type of distinctive broken check pattern that resembles a dog’s teeth. It is commonly used in the making of shirts.

Pinstripes are distinct, crisp lines that are basically woven into clothes for suiting purposes. Pinstripes lines are usually between 1.25cm to 2.50cm apart and they appear as perfectly parallel as possible.

Vents are more or less the slits that are cut into the tail of a coat to let the material move freely when you’re wearing it. The side vents or slits are much more modern than the centre Vents but both are still fashionable.

When a clothing item is referred to as off-the-peg or ready-to-wear, it simply means it is a mass produced clothing that is made to fit various sizes of men rather than one that is individually tailored to your size.

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