5 Fashion Items You’re Most Probably Wearing Wrong

Whether or not we admit it, women are especially more particular about the details of our fashion items and can spot when something is wrong. While you may actually be wearing an outfit that seems perfect, such as a well fitted suit or a nice pair of jeans, you may actually be killing your overall appearance with some subtle mistakes.

If you’re the kind of person interested in taking your style and look a notch higher, here are five fashion items you probably pay little attention to or you’re completely wearing wrong.


Wearing wristwatches are an indication that you have ditched your teenage years for manhood. While you can quickly reach for your mobile phone to know what the time is, there’s however little pleasure in doing that.

Your Wristwatch is a classic and contemporary way of adding some level of style and extra panache to your outfit and overall everyday appearance. If you’re wearing a wristwatch with a leather strap, you can do well to match it with the colour of your shoes and belt.

Tie Bars

While a lot of us simply pull this out when it’s windy and we have to make a quick dash that could get our ties flying everywhere, the tie bar is actually a good fashion accessory. It’s a subtle piece of fashion item that not only holds your tie to your shirt, but also takes your look to the next level.

You should however ensure that you wear it at the right height, which is ideal between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt. Also remember not to wear a tie bar wider than your tie. Always keep it as narrow as possible.

Leather Bag

While it is easy to get almost every single fashion item that you put on right, one thing that could likely ruin your appearance is using a shabby sling bag or backpack. You should ensure that you get a good bag that can go with almost all the work outfits you have.

For work, try a classic and sleek folio. For the gym, mid-sized duffle bags are most ideal. Leather bags are the best generally and can suitably fit most of your fashion items and be presentable at almost all occasions.

Pocket Squares

Wearing Ties are one of the best ways to add style to your look and personality to your style. You can however take your style a notch higher by adding a pocket square to your appearance. Pocket squares may seem like simple pieces of fabrics but they can incredibly give you some serious fashion credibility.
While you’re trying to fold your pocket squares, ensure that the fold is not too perfect because doing so will make it look like it came pre-folded. Also, ensure that you choose squares that have colours and patterns that tend to complement your shirt and tie. It should however not be too much of a match with them.

Dress Socks

While wearing socks may seem like the simplest and easiest thing to do, a lot of things can actually go wrong when selecting the right colours and patterns to wear. Ensure that your socks are long enough to prevent exposure of any part of your leg when you’re sitting.

When it comes to matching colours, it’s best to match a shade from any element in your outfit, like your tie, pants or shoes. Remember not to be scared to opt for bold and fun patterns such as stripes or polka dots. You should however ditch the sports logo socks, as they belong to your secondary school days.

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