5 Haircuts That Will Save You Some Money And Reduce Regular Visit To The Barber

French crop cut on a black man

Visiting the barbers shop regularly can be time consuming and also drain a sizable hole in your pockets if you’re the type of man that wants to look sharp and clean always. More so, if you find out that your grooming routines is already overfilled, you can change things by employing and changing your hairstyle to these five easy styles that will neither drill a hole in your pocket or demand too much attention.

The Chrome Dome

The chrome dome

If you’re the type of man that is fed up with all the follicle fuss or you just don’t have a choice simply because your hairline is receding, you may want to go for the Chrome Dome. This is sometimes referred to as “Jordan” or “Gorimapa” around here.
Bruce Willis, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Pitbull and Banky W all rock the Chrome Dome. If these people can have their barber take all their hair out and look good, you sure can look good on it too.

The Buzz Cut

Buzz cut on a black man

There are very few number of hairstyles that require fewer grooming than the buzz cut as it doesn’t require any grooming product whatsoever.

Despite th fact that it allows you remove hair from your morning routine, it doesn’t however mean that this haircut requires no maintenance at all. If left un-styled, the buzz cut grows out scruffily. You will be required to return to the barber every month or so for a tidy up, or you can choose to invest in your own pair of clippers.

The French Crop

French crop cut on a black man

The French Crop is a simple and versatile style that can look good on virtually any face shape. This cut is made up of tapered sides and a distinct fringe that’s either combed to the side or pushed forward over the forehead.

It requires no more than a pinch of pomade which you can run through your mane for a matte finish. The contemporary trend is to have dramatically short sides that contrast with the hair on top. You can have your barber give you a point cut to have that choppy, textured effect.

The Crew Cut

Crew hair cut on a black man

The Crew Cut is quite similar to the buzz cut but is different in that it has a little more length on top. It is also characterised by fading from front to back as well as tapering down the neck. It features a close shave on the sides that will also requires regular trips back to your barber.

The feathers of the crew cut are normally styled upwards with gel or wax, to help create a casual and spiky look. The Crew Cut is flattering on thinning hairlines that could use the extra texture on top.

The Long And Thick Hair

Black man with long hair

If you have a full head of hair and you are tired of spending a lot of time and money in the barber’s shop, you can choose to let it grow out. Get your barber to shape your brow flow initially. This will look good with naturally thick and wavy locks.

It takes very little effort every morning as a messy longer style grows out better than a tighter crop which will stop you from visiting your barber regularly. That shaggy look is what you’re going for.

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