5 Places To Wear A Simple White Shirt To, And How To Style Them

If there’s any wardrobe staple every man should have, it is the white shirt but very few men know where to wear them to asides the office. When it comes to versatility,the classic white Oxford shirt tops them all and they are pretty much acceptable to a lot of places than a lot of men know.

Whether you know wear to wear them to or you don’t, here are five ways to wear a simple white shirt including wearing them to work and the right ways to style them.

To The Beach
The beach is a perfect environment for you to wear the long sleeves of a light cotton shirt. It is one of the most stylish ways to protect yourself from the sun as opposed to wearing a long-sleeved rash shirt. You can choose to combine your unbuttoned Oxford with a light-hued undershirt and a pastel.

Alternatively, a chino pair of shorts, modern strap sandals, and timeless tortoiseshell wayfarers will be a good combination that will get heads turning.

To Eat Brunch
If you’re going out for brunch, you can keep the brown belt but remember to swap the formal footwear for something more casual. Ideally, loafers, boat shoes, or driving shoes will be a perfect match along with a slim pair of chinos, cropped around the ankle.

The fact that the white shirt is plain brings out th quality of every other thing you’re wearing — from the perfectly cut trousers to the on-point footwear. This combination will definitely allow you grab the attention they deserve.

Going To The Bar
If you’re going to have some time out at the bar with your pals, you can simply dust off a pair of distressed denim jeans that you can blend with your white Oxford. You can also choose to wear a grungy olive green military jacket and some bold footwear that will accentuate your fashion statement.

Shoes like an ankle-high Doc Martens, camel Timberlands, or chunky high-top sneakers are a few good options that will make you look good.

To The Office
Every business environment requires a Classic white shirt. They can blend in well with a Classic blue suit, as both colours are super versatile. A classic white shirt and a blue suit work well together.

You can choose to style the suit with warm tan leather and a trendy footwear such as monkstraps or detailed brogues will complete your look. Don’t however feel too pressured to add a tie to your look (except you’re in a corporate environment) as it is falling out of favour in a lot of office environments.

Out At The Park
Doing the hot seasons when you want to spend a lot of time outdoors, you can have a casual look where you loosen an extra button to keep things nice and relaxed. You can match your outfit with a brown belt, navy shorts, and your brightest pair of white sneakers. If you choose to wear another neutral item, you can blend them with a stack of different outfits.

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