5 Simple Details You Should Pay Attention To If You Want To Be More Attractive

Looking attractive and getting the attention of women should not be rocket science, especially if you are pointed towards the right direction regarding what to do.

Some of the things that determine how attractive women see you are subtle and simple but they can have an incredible effect on people’s perception of you.

Here are five small but important details you should pay attention. To if you want to be more attractive.

Shave The Hair Off
Don’t get us wrong. You don’t have to do away with your beard, goatee or moustache. The simple truth is that facial hair is here to stay. With that being said however, no-one swoons over hair sprouts that appear random and/or unkempt.

As such, you should get your clippers or razor to any place on your face where you don’t want hair present. It is however best to avoid having stubbles above and below a beard, as it looks bad.

You should therefore lose it. Also remember not to neglect other less obvious spots such as eyebrows, nostrils, ears and the back of your neck.

If you have a good head of hair, have it cut and styled smartly. If you’re going bald or have thin hair, consider having a buzz cut or shaving yourself smooth.

Well-styled and sleeky hair can be good on you if you’re bald. Styled and sleekly bald is sexy.

Loosen Up And Listen More
A lot of women say what they find most attractive in men is a You know how women “sense of humour” and you actually think it’s overrated, but that’s not the case.

While it may be difficult to have a chiseled jaw, a sense of humour is a factor you can cultivate overtime to make yourself more attractive.

The ability to make a potential partner laugh generates lasting attraction and you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to make this happen. It’s more about relaxing, trying not to take things too seriously and seeing the funnier side of things.

If you find it difficult to cracks jokes, all you need to do do to be willing to laugh a little at yourself as it shows self confidence.

The same thing is applicable when listening to a potential partner. Psychology says humans are self-centred beings and there will be an obvious impulse to talk to impress.

The irony however is that we tend to rate good listeners as being highly attractive because they help to reinforce our sense of worth.

Hydrate & Exfoliate
Water is very important and you’d be amazed by the difference being hydrated can make to your skin.

Drinking two to three litres of  water will not only help you lose weight, have better digestion, aid kidney function but will also make you have a healthy glow.

Regarding your skin, exfoliate daily to scrub off dead skin cells that can clog pores and lead to ingrown hairs which accentuate wrinkles.

Splash your face with warm water first and gently use an exfoliator by massaging it into your skin in circular motions. Doing this two to three times a week will make you have a smoother shave.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on trendy fashion wears except you can afford it. A number of factors are at play when it comes to how attractive and confident you feel. This included how well your clothes fit or how loose they are.

Ensure however that you don’t delude yourself when appraising your wardrobe or buying new clothes. If your intention is to have a well sculpted body, shape up and slim down, but make sure you buy what fits you.

In the meantime, wear what fits well. If you’re worried about height, go for shirts and trousers that have stripes which can help to accentuate your body length, and opt for darker clothes for a slimmer effect.

Also ensure that your clothes are in good shape by washing and ironing more than every full moon and cleaning and polishing your footwear.

Good Posture
Stand up straight, man! Don’t lose some inches of your height by slouching. Have your shoulders back, chest out, chin up and see how much attractive you’d be seen as.

In addition, good posture helps to prevent health issues such as back pain, spinal problems and joint degeneration while helping you exude confidence and control.

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