5 Stylish Clothing Combinations For Men That Require Minimal Effort

Getting the right Stylish Clothing Combinations can be a herculean task, especially if you’re in a hurry to get out of the house and keep up with an appointment. Knowing what to wear should however not be something that would give you sleepless nights, if you know the outfits to put together and wear at specific places.

If you’re in a hurry to get to any place and you are lost as regards what to wear, read through this article and bookmark it for quick reference. Here are five stylish combinations that stick to the basics and require minimal effort.

On The Street
Streetwear offer you plenty of room to move but when you’re trying to pull together a stylish outfit with minimal effort, it is best to stick to black because it pairs beautifully well with black. Black jeans, black sneakers or boots, black tee, black bomber or leather jacket are strikingly stylish.

To The Office
If you possess only one suit in your wardrobe, be sure that it is a single-breasted navy blue suit that has medium-width notch lapels. Navy blue is perhaps the most versatile colour and the style can ensure that you either dress up or down.

More so, the versatility of this outfit ensures that it is easy for you to find something to wear with it when you have very little time on your hands to dress for work. You also can’t go wrong in a crisp white shirt along with a blue tie that is a couple of shades lighter than your suit. You can’t also go wrong in brown Oxfords or brogues.

To A Date
It is quite easy to get your outfits wrong when you’re going for a date even when you are in your elements, not to talk of when you find yourself stating blankly at your wardrobe and nothing’s seems to catch your interest.

You can reduce your stress by combining solid staple wears such as chinos, a bright white Tee shirt, and simple white trainers. You can also wear a navy blazer, crew-neck jumper, or jacket, while you spritz your signature scent to make you more appealing.

To The Bar
Chances are you don’t care much about what your friends think of your outfit as much as you would be if you are going on a date. That however shouldn’t be an excuse for you to wear baggy pair of blue jeans or a tee shirt holes in the sleeves.

To look stylish at the bar, put on dark denim jeans, a trusty white tee shirt , and boots which maybe desert boots or snappy Chelsea boots. Another good addition is a military-inspired outer layer in the form of a field or bomber jacket to complete your appearance.

To The Beach

When it comes to beach outfits, no one takes their style seriously. Think about it, if people do, below-the-knee board shorts would not have survived for so long. That however mean you shouldn’t pay ample attention to your dressing.

You can simply grab tailored chino shorts, a casual white button down, and an on-trend pair of tan leather strap sandals. Crisp white T-shirts are failsafe options that you can’t go wrong in.

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