5 Ways To Make Your Outfits Last Longer Than You Think

Investing money on the way you look can sometimes drill a hole in your wallet simply because you’re on the lookout for the best possible style and fit.

As such, it is important to protect your investments by making your outfits last as long as possible. Unfortunately however, a lot of us don’t know the things the outfits we purchase need to survive the harsh elements they are exposed to everyday.

The good thing however, is that a lot of outfits can be made to last longer by following simple instructions. Here are a number of tips that will come in handy in making your clothes last longer than the money you paid for them.

Follow The Instructions On labels
While this may seem tiring, following the instructions on the labels of your outfits is important for your clothes to last long. Every single piece of clothing has its own specific washing instruction that us suitable for the material.

The labels on fashion items tell the specific way in which the material should be washed, and paying attention to the symbols will do you a lot of good.

For example, diagrammatic representations such as a triangle means bleach, line circle means dry cleaning, bucket of water means washing machine and the iron symbol means iron.

Furthermore, any big cross against a symbol means you shouldn’t do that thing and dots are used to signify heat intensity, with one dot representing a cool temperature, two for medium, and three for hot.

Avoid The Dry Cleaner
It is hard not to take some of your clothes such as your suit to the dry cleaner, especially at times when they are dirty or you need to look sharp.

This is permissible but every other clothing material should be washed at home. Doing this not only helps you cut down on expenses, but will also ensure that your clothes are properly laundered, especially when you read the clothing label and follow instructions appropriately.

Dry Immediately After Wash
Another mistake a lot of us make is to leave our clothes in the washing machine after washing them for hours even after the cycle has finished.

This affects the fabric of your clothes, making them slack and soft.
Try as much as you can to air dry your clothes immediately after washing instead of making use of a dryer.

Dryers mostly shorten the lifespan of your clothes. Hang your clothes as soon they’re washed so they have as much time as possible to rest properly.

Also avoid spreading out your clothes for air drying in direct sunlight, as this can make your clothes fade quicker.

Avoid Wrinkles
While having a crisp dress shirt will draw positive attention from people you come in contact with, a wrinkled shirt will also draw negative attention.

It is thus important that you follow the instructions on the labels of your shirts and be sure to set your iron to the exact type of fabric your shirt is made from.

More so, steamers can be employed in removing gentle wrinkles on your clothes. Wooden hangers are also your best choice when it comes to putting your shirt up in your wardrobe.

Remember Your Shoes Too

A stylish outfit is usually incomplete until the dressing is matched with solid shoes. As such, make sure your shoes are in good shape. A good way of increasing the lifespan of your shoes is to buy a shoe horn.

Shoe polish is also a must have that makes your shoes look terrific and owning a set of basic supplies, a horse hair brush to apply the polish into the leather and a soft piece of clothing to dust off and apply a coat of polish is essential in making your shoes the best they can be.

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