6 Jeans Style You Should Do All You Can To Avoid

The last decade has thrown up a lot of jeans styles and denim options than ever before but there are still a number of such styles that are difficult to rate. While some of the options provided by jeans are regular, some are funny and should be avoided.

From the type of colour to cut and distress, certain jeans styles all but give you a negative image. Here are all the denim styles you should stay away from.

Different Colours
Any colour asides the regular blue and black is something you want to stay away from. Blue jeans are the ideal casual all-rounder while dark denim provide a slimming silhouette and rocking vibe. These two colours offer plenty of variety without resorting to a mustard-coloured pair that is common among the older generation.

One With Embroidery
If you’re out to but a pair of denims, a simple rule to follow is to look beyond one that has rhinestones on it. More so, those designed by ‘Ed Hardy’ or ‘Von Dutch’ should be avoided as they pretty much take you back to the early 2000s.

Denims with glitter only provide some sort of garish assault on the eyes and people will see you more as someone stuck in the past.

A bootcut pair looks like a ugly, dim-witted one that is quite similar to the flare. While this style has threatened to come back on more than one occasion, the baggy bootcut jean has still not been able to convince enough people to stick with them.

While it used to be a favourite of guys who wouldn’t love to touch skinny jeans with a 10-foot pole and prefer flaps of fabric puddling over the laces of their square-toed shoes, it is best to avoid them generally.

If you’ve never seen this, the jorts are simply a contraction of ‘jean shorts’, and you should count yourself lucky for not crossing path with this absurd fashion statement. The jorts makes the wearer look like he is still being dressed by his mother, especially when worn along with white socks and joggers.

Instead of this, you can wear a tailored short or a fitted jean and not look like the schoolboy from when it was still pretty decent to do so.

Wearing jeans with flares will only make you look like you decided to wear an old pair of your father’s from the 1960s. Flare denims will have you looking like you pick all your clothes from a charity shop dumpster, which will have it hugging your navel in such a way that people won’t be able to drag their eyes away from your moose knuckle or camel toe.

Torn or distressed jeans appear to be the perfect style for men of the modern era who need their thighs and chins to be protected from the weather elements and their knees need some fresh air.

Most torn jeans come with distressed detailing that comes with some exceptional design on the back pocket, and frayed hems dragging along the ground to provide an in serious look you would rather avoid.

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