7 Things Every Gentleman Should Have In His Car

There are a number of basic kits recommended by safety officials that every one should have in his car. They include the C-caution sign, fire extinguisher, wheel spanner and car jack. For a gentleman however, the list is different as it includes first aid kits and condoms stashed away in the glove box.

There are however a number of necessities that every gentleman should have in his car and this basically includes style and grooming products that can incredibly speak volumes and get every woman that steps in your car wanting to stay longer and seeing you differently from every other man.

Moreover, the style and grooming products will help to save your day when things go south, which is why they are essentials that should be in your car at anytime to help save the day.

A Tie
Whether it’s a stripe or plain tie, ties can come in handy and help save the day at unexpected times. As such, every gentleman should always keep a tie in their cars in the event that he has to switch from a semi-formal look to a formal look. Stripe ties especially will make you look dapper, while also helping you retain a spontaneous look when you have to quickly change your appearance. It can also come in handy when you have an unexpected invitation to a fine dining restaurant from that woman you’ve been eyeing and you have little time to switch your appearance.

Breath Freshners
Instead of asking people around you for gum after a meal to improve your breath. Why not keep gum or any other breath Freshner in your car? They will come in handy when you just ate a meal that gives you a repulsive smell and you need to get a fast kiss from your date afterwards.

Reversible Leather Belt
While this may sound random, having a reversible belt in your car can be of help especially when you forget to put a belt on or the one you have on gets damaged. More so, belt buckles can break unexpectedly and having a reversible belt that has a black/brown reversible option in your car can save the day.

Antiperspirant Body Spray
This could perhaps be the most handy thing you can have in your car and it can be of good use more often than any other thing on this list. It comes in handy on those days when you’re in a rush and you forgot to make use of all your grooming products at home. More so, since the scent of perfumes and body sprays disintegrates as the hours go by, retouching especially with a 48-hour sweat protector body spray.

Needle And Thread
Sounds funny, doesn’t it? A sewing kit with needle and thread can come to the rescue when you mistakenly ripped your pants or a button fell off your shirt. Needle And Thread can come to the rescue, as you can undertake the task in the car and put to good use, those home management lessons you took in high school. If you’re not much of an expert, all you need to do is search the Internet and you’d get all the information you need in minutes.

Hair Cream
Given the thick and wooly nature of the hair of most Africans, it is always ideal to have a hair cream handy in your car at all times. It can come in handy when you have to get on a date and will give your hair a firm and slick look.

We all know that smelling look is an incredible turn on for women and if you and the inside of your car as that scintillating and inviting scent, you could be having a number of backseat fantasies coming true.

The sunglasses can be of use when the sun starts to blind your eye when you’re driving or you need one to complement your outfit. Even if you’re unaffected by these, you can always give them to anyone sitting in your passenger seat if the sun is blinding them. They’d appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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