8 Fashion Items You Should Consider Getting To Look More Stylish

There are a number of style items that every man needs to own if he wants to improve on his style game and get the right attention from people he comes across. These fashion items can make you look good at a moment’s notice without having to rack your brain about what to wear to impress.

If you’ve got these fashion pieces in your arsenal, then you’re pretty much good to go. If not, take out time and add them to your wardrobe as they are essentials that you will never regret having.

Dark Blazer

One fashion item you should always have in your wardrobe is a dark Blazer that is as dark as the tone of your hair. A dark neutral blazer is a fashion item that can allow you the freedom to dress up or down. If you’re wondering what dark colour to buy, you can choose to go with black, midnight, olive, charcoal or chestnut.

A Great Pair of Jeans

And by a great Pair of Jeans, we mean a pair of overdyed blue jeans. It can be a perfect match to pretty much everything in your wardrobe. They can either be dressed down with a t-shirt or worn with a sport coat and will most likely prove to be the most versatile pant in your wardrobe.

Cool Sneakers

The kind of shoes a man wears shows how good a taste he has. Wearing fashionable footwears shows you have good taste and a cool Sneakers is the way to go. You should however ensure that you keep your shoes clean as women are bound to notice.


You can wear a slip-on loafer with a blazer or use it to dress up jeans. If you’re worried about the shape of the toe, a simple trick is to buy one that follows the shape of your jaw. If you’ve got an oval face, get one with an oval toe. If you’ve got an angular face, get a pointed toe. Also ensure that the colour of the loafers matches the darkest tone of your hair, to help create a head-to-toe balance.

A Nice Watch


Wristwatches don’t just help to tell the time but can also complete your look. Go for something simple because it is usually more versatile. You don’t have to go for the very expensive ones except you can afford it. Nonetheless, get a really good timepiece that you can enjoy for as long as possible.

A Good Belt

Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Classic Double Gancini Reversible Belt

A good quality belt can help to complete your outfit. One good way of knowing the right buckle colour to buy is to follow the colour of the metal of your watch. When it comes to the belt colour, you can simply follow the darkest colour in your hair. That will usually blend along with everything simply because it matches you.

Well Tailored Suit
Every man must have a well tailored Suit in his wardrobe just as women should have a black dress. Whether you’re attending a wedding or interviewing for a new job, it is important you have an amazing suit. A good and versatile colour is navy blue because it looks great on most skin tones. You can also choose to break up the suit and instead wear only the blazers or slacks.

Brown Button Down Shirts

They tend to match with every pair of jeans that you may have in your wardrobe and can also match well with blue, which is most likely the colour that dominates your wardrobe.

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