8 Things In Your Wardrobe, Your Girlfriend Wants You To Destroy Immediately

The kind of clothes you wear and keep in your wardrobe makes you to a certain extent and your girlfriend won’t want you holding on to some fashion items. The fact is what you wear says a lot about you, and while you may be the type of man that doesn’t care about his wardrobe, women do.

It could be that you’re trying to make a good first impression or you want to clean up your closet, here are a number of things you should consider removing from your wardrobe before your girlfriend gets to destroy them.

Square-toed Dress Shoes
Because some manufacturers still make square-toed dress shoes doesn’t mean you should still but them and make them important items in your wardrobe.

Chances are the one you have is from way back and they are basically not acceptable because of their stiffy, shiny and awkward appearance.

Suits That Don’t Fit
If you still have those old suits that look very much like coats in your wardrobe, it’s best you take them out immediately. Women love men that are dressed in perfectly-fitted suits. Getting a good well-fitted suit may mean you have to go for bespoke and you can take advantage of low-cost tailoring available at nearly all menswear shops. Trash the baggy suits and you’d be glad you did.

Sporty Sandals
If you regularly hike, you can keep this but if not, thrash it from your wardrobe immediately. You most likely won’t have much use for weird sneaker-sandal hybrids. On top of that, sporty sandals are just not sexy. If you must hike, make use of hiking boots and sneakers for any serious outdoor activities.

Baggy T-shirts
While your girlfriend will probably look good in your oversized T-shirt, in truth you wouldn’t look appealing in shirts that are larger than your frame. T-shirts are meant to fit your body snugly. If you can’t wear it comfortably under a button-down shirt or sweater, you shouldn’t wear it at all.

Branded Boxers
What are branded boxers still doing in your wardrobe? If you still want to keep branded boxers, it should only come with a subtle logo on the waistband. You should consider thrashing any undergarments that have bogus characters or branding.

Cargo Shorts Or Pants
Perhaps you can’t help but keep your cargo shorts because of the many pockets they have. You can tuck in your can beer comfortably and hide a number of other things but it show isn’t something your girlfriend wants to see in your wardrobe.

As you age and get more matured, it’s best for you to go for shorts that are a little less like an utility pant and will instead come with four fully functioning pockets.

Any Cloth With Holes
It is true that every single one of us have clothes that have high sentimental value in our wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean we should keep clothes that have worn out and have holes in them —especially socks and underwear.

Women wouldn’t enjoy seeing your big toe poke out of a sock or spotting a hole in the crotch of your boxers as it can be something that can ruin a happy mood.

Clothes With Stains
You don’t have to be told to thrash your clothes with stains, especially undershirts and dress shirtswith pit stains. No matter what is responsible for the stains, be it sweat or mustard, if your clothes are stained, and you won’t spend the time or money to get those stains out, there’s no reason for you to be keeping them in your wardrobe.

Promotional T-shirts
While there was probably a time in your life when wearing promotional t-shirts was an acceptable clothing option, it is no longer so for you. It is best you.let go of any shirt with logos that you got for free because of something you bought at a mall.

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