A Guide To Buying Presents For That Special Woman

Buying a gifts and presents for the people you love, especially that special woman can sometimes be a daunting task but it shouldn’t be so. Women are naturally discerning by nature and they can understand the importance behind your gesture and the luxuries you get them. The problem with a lot of men however is that while trying to be safe, end up buying boring presents which is usually less appreciated.
Being smart and daring can however be helpful as it will jot only show her that you understand what she loves but it can be a good way of showing her how much you love her during her birthday, valentine or anniversary.

The Things You Shouldn’t Do
There are some stand-alone gifts that are suitable for your mother, sisters and aunties but never for your lover. These gifts include roses and a bottle of wine but definitely not for that lover as it screams a lack of thoughtfulness. Other gifts you should not consider buying include home-care items such as blenders, irons or cookers and gift cards or cash.

The Spa Treatment
There’s hardly any woman that wouldn’t love to experience the treasure and pleasure of having a spa treatment. If you must go through this route, make sure it is exclusively about her. Surprise her by picking her from work and taking her to the spa lounge. Be sure to to factor in the cost and get her some little gift along if it’s her birthday, valentine or anniversary. Gifts such as chocolate or wine can come in handy.

Getting The Right Clothes Or Shoes
A lot of men don’t know their sizes talk more of knowing the sizes of their partners. This is why a lot will fail at buying their women clothes or shoes. The truth however is that it can be done and if you do it right, you will definitely impress her. The way to getting it right is to take out time to study your girlfriends wardrobe, while taking note of her style, size colours and preferred designers. The next thing to do is to look for a boutique and enlist the help of the salesperson there. You can show the person pictures of your partner and gauge how the clothes you see will fit her skin tone and shape. Avoid falling into the temptation of buying her what you like her to wear and instead, buy her what she will like based on your research. Be on the lookout for shoes that she likes and go for a colour that’s suitable for her personality. You can hardly go wrong with shoes especially if they come in her size and style.

The Cosmetics And Perfume Gift
Women love to have a lot of lotions and fragrances and this is a gift she will love a lot. It also needs you to do some small research from her collections on the brands she loves and the one that she has almost exhausted. A good and classy perfume that is a bit different from her favourite brand will win her heart. The same thing applies to her cosmetics including her lipstick, body lotions, moisturizers and foundation.

The Jewellery Temptation
As with clothes and shoes, you will need to check through her jewellery collection to have an idea of what she loves. Does she prefer chunky or elegant jewellery?, or she loves silver over gold? Does she love studs over hoop earrings?, or has a bias for rubies over Emeralds? These questions can be answered by going through her collection. Yet again, a picture of her when going to a jeweller might help. You should however avoid duplicating what she already owns. Use her style to get something unique that is bound to have you ingrained in her mind.

Wrap Appropriately
The way you package and present your gift matters a lot. If you’re good with wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, then you have little to worry about in this department. If not, you can simply have your gifts wrapped up at a gift store.

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