A Guide To Wearing A Tie That Will Be The Envy Of All

Wearing a tie is no longer as difficult a task as it used to be for a lot of men because more and more men are becoming conversant with the importance and significance of adding one to corporate outfits.

One thing some men however don’t get is that there are ways you can wear Ties and be the envy of everyone. From the type of knot to use to the length and maintaining them, a proper guide can set you apart from the rest.

What Knot Is Best For You?
No matter the type of knot you choose, be it the Four-in-hand, half Windsor, full Windsor, it is usually about proportion than any other thing. If you have a big frame, a wider tie knotted in the Windsor style will be the most appropriate option.

If you’re slim on the other hand, you may choose to go for a thinner knott with a half Windsor or four-in-hand knot to get that enviable look from people that come across you.

Also bear in mind that skinny ties are more acceptable now than they were and going for them is trendy.

What Length Is Best For Me?
The best look for your tie is for it to sit right on top of your belt buckle. Having it hover around your belly button, your chest or close to your fly is not acceptable.

Some people may choose to do the unacceptable, but you shouldn’t tow in line with them. Once again, it’s mostly about proportion and your tie has to be of the right length for it to match and balance out your outfit.

How Do I Match My Ties?


If you’re wearing a strip shirt or jacket, it’s best for you to match a plain tie with your outfit, just as the texture of a knitted one will suitably counterbalance a checked suit in an interesting manner.

Patterned ties on the other hand work well with block-coloured suits, especially if the pattern is bolder than any stripes on your shirt.

Wearing a Patterned jacket, shirt and tie together will require extreme confidence and best for you if  you’re the type that detests sticking to conventions and dogmas.

How Do I Match My Tie Bar?

Tie bar

Tie bars are underestimated a lot but one thing you should know is that they add a touch of class and sophistication when properly used.

There are simple rules to follow such as ensuring that you fasten your tie to the placket of your shirt or the thick layer of fabric where the button holes sit in so as to stop it from flapping around.

You should also ensure that you clip your tie bar between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. Also ensure that you don’t employ the use of a tie bar that is wider than your tie to have your sophisticated look.

How Do I Take Care Of My Ties?
When you’re done rocking your ties and getting those enviable looks, you should be cautious when taking it off.

Avoid tugging on the short end of your knot as doing so will most likely ruin the shape of your tie. You should instead reverse the knot before draping it over a rack. If it’s a knitted tie, you should roll them up.

Remember that ties are very delicate pieces of clothing and great care is required when cleaning them. Use a trusted dry cleaner or a hand steamer to get the best cleanest look.

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