A Step By Step Guide To Keeping Your Haircut Looking Nice And Fresh

A lot of men can relate to the difficulty of keeping their haircut nice and fresh, two days after spending a fortune to look good. A lot of reasons are responsible for your hair looking rough not long after you had a haircut. Some of the reasons range to the styling.

Whatever the reason maybe however, it is important to always have your hair looking nice and fresh as that perhaps is the first thing people notice when they take a glance at you. If you’re looking to always maintain that fine look that you get immediately after a haircut, here are five ways to maintain a fresh feel weeks after.

Get A Haircut That Grows Out Smoothly
The types of haircut you get to a large extent determines how soon your look becomes rough. Haircuts that come with sharp styles, rigid angled borders, tight buzz cuts, and lines that are shaved intricately all require you to regularly visit the salon for your barber to keep them looking sharp and nice.

Hairdos that however come with more natural borders don’t look scraggly and unkempt when they are not given a snip in a few days. You can opt to go with a gentle fade look, along with a tapered neckline, which helps your hair grow out slowly and gradually between cuts.

Style Your Hair The Right Way
One of the disadvantages of blow-drying your hair is that it can remove moisture from your hair but it can also make it easier for you to control and style your hair, especially when they grow longer.

Opt for a strong matte finish as they are great at taming and keeping your shaggy hair in check. Some hair moisturising products however struggle to hold your hair in a more voluminous crop, and wet products like waxes and gels tend to make your hair look more greasy if you use too much of it to make your hair become longer.

Use Shampoo Sparingly
The lesser the shampoo you use, the longer you can allow your hair go between washes which can make you avoid the common fluffy post-shampoo look. Hair conditioner post-wash, and dry shampoo can also offset and cause you to have a greasy look if you’re washing less frequently.

Regular use of shampoos tend to frizz your hair follicles by fraying them at their ends. It is thus important for you to try and limit washing your hair to two or three times a week. You can also apply coconut oil before shampooing, to help lock in moisture.

Don’t Do it yourself
Using your clippers at home to give yourself a haircut comes with a lot of dangers, even if all you’re trying to do is to remove a few strays hairs on the back of your neck, as it can ruin the neckline your barber cut so carefully.

It is cheaper and more beneficial for you to have your barber perform a simple trim rather than having him give you a total haircut to rescue you. As such, step away from the scissors and clippers. Leave it to the professionals.

Go Back To Your Barber
Perhaps, the easiest and quickest way to keep your haircut looking fresh and nice is to head back to the salon to have your barber maintain your look.

You can choose to see your barber every two to three weeks to help tidy up the fluffy look that will build up around your ears and neck. This will keep you looking freshly cut at all times.

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