All The Factors You Need To Consider Before Colouring Your Hair

Whether you’re a man or woman, colouring your hair can be a tough decision, especially if you’re changing to an unnatural colour.

However, adding some colour to your hair can help you make a huge fashion statement, which can mix up your look in a good way but it can also be a disaster, if not done well.

Here are a number of factors that can make you look good if you’re thinking of colouring.

Trust A Professional To Do The Job
Whether you just want to dye the few grey hairs that are beginning to appear to your natural black or you want to change the colour completely, be sure to allow a professional handle it.

While colouring your hair may seem very easy, it is something you sure don’t want to botch, especially if you would be toning or bleaching. If you however want to just blend in a few strands of grey into your natural hair colour, and you have enough confidence that you can pull it off, then you can simply make use of a home colourant which can reduce the amount you will spend, especially if you’re on a budget.

Don’t Change Your Hair Colour Permanently Straight Off
When colouring, it is important to know that their are three levels of colouring; semi-permanent, demo-permanent, and permanent. As such, before doing so, go slowly by starting off with a semi-permanent colour before graduating to something that won’t fade easily.

Semi-permanent dyes won’t alter your natural hair colour to much and would easily wash out after a couple of weeks as opposed to other types of dye.

Protect Your Hair The Best You Can
Using colouring can make your hair become brittle and coarse and as such, you should take proper care of it. Wash them regularly in cold water and invest some money in a shampoo that can retain the dye you use.

A moisture-lock conditioner can also come in handy. Don’t expose your hair to harsh chemicals such as chlorine or to the sun. Dry and comb it gently to avoid breaking.

Put Your Skin Tone Into Consideration
If you’re light skinned, it’s best to stick with light and warm brown hues that won’t wash your face off its natural colour. If you have a more Mediterranean complexion however, then you can go with something darker with warm highlights.

Dark skins would also preferably go with dark coloured hair. You should however ensure that you don’t stray too far away from your original colour.

Employ The Use Of Peroxide
If you’re thinking of rocking a blonde look, then peroxide is your friend. Colouring your hair to blonde is however a bold statement and it’s best done, if you have a fair complexion.

You should also invest in a good colour-saving shampoo, ensure your eyebrows are darker and full facial hair to help add definition to your features and complete outlook.

Never Be Too Scared Of Your Greys
Grey and silvery hair can be very inviting and beautiful if the colour tone is even and well spread. George Clooney and Wole Soyinka’s hair has probably never seen a bottle of colourant and his head looks pretty good in the natural grey and white colours covering it.

Their hairstyles are modern and mature, providing a cue for the young (especially if you’re happy rocking it).

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