All The Reasons Why Your Suits Looks Terrible On You

Take it or leave it, There’s nothing better than wearing well-fitted suits. And there’s nothing worse than a poorly fitted suit. This is because well-fitted suits don’t only make you look attractive but can help you gain the respect you desire.

If you wear suits and you are always looking more like The Penguin and less like James Bond, we’re here to help. Here are six ways you might be wearing your suit wrong.

The shoulders are too wide

One good way to avoid your suit looking terrible on you is to allow the shoulder pads on your suit hug and end with your shoulders. If your suit shoulders are too big, chances are you will look like an italian gangster from the 1940s in a zoot suit.

Your jacket chest is too small or too big

Your suit jacket should not pull or strain when you button it. At the same time, there shouldn’t be too much wiggle room when you put it on. You should be able to easily slip your flat hand under the lapels and nothing more after that.

There’s a gap in your collar

Your shirt should fit snugly against your neck, and the jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar. There should be no big gaps in between. If there’s a gap around your collar you’ll look like a little child wearing his dad’s suit jacket.

Your sleeves are too long

The sleeves of your jacket should end just a the top of your wrist. Your dress shirt sleeve should be a little longer and should at best end at the base of your hand. When both are balanced this way, you have just the right amount of shirt cuff exposed, and that is about a quarter to a half inch.

Your hem is too long

The bottom of your pants should hit right around your shoelaces for a slight break. Having pants that have a full break, where your pants pool at the bottom will only make you look shorter.

You’re wearing your dress pants like jeans

Your suit pants are not jeans; never wear them low on your waist. They should sit at the hipbone area or slightly above it. The pants should fit perfectly without the need of a belt.

Also, it is important that you ensure your butt is neither too saggy nor too tight to have the ideal look.

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