All The Right Ways To Style And Look Stunning In A Grey Suit

Grey suit

Grey is a clean, classic and contemporary colour that has increased in menswear popularity among young men over the years, especially for suits. Grey suits offer a versatile alternative for men and they can incredibly fit in to an array of occasions and events ranging from business meetings to cocktail events.

If you have caught the grey suit bug, here are a number of ways for you to rock your versatile grey to all manners of events and occasions.

Wear Along With A Black Shirt
A lot of men tend to see black button down shirts as something to stay away from and this has added to the controversy surrounding this colour. Also, pairing them with a dark navy or black suit can be a daunting task but same cannot be said of the grey suit.

Black tends to intensify the shade of grey in the suit, especially if you have a swarthy complexion that doesn’t get flushed out by the black. Due to the edgy nature of the black shirt, you can choose to wear a turtleneck neck shirt to stand out.

Embrace More Colours
Grey is a neutral colour that you can afford to experiment with by pairing with more daring colours. Some of the colours you can pair with them include pinks, cool deep reds, purples and vibrant greens that pop against the grey.

The important thing is to wear a complementary shirt that are a couple of shades lighter than the tie such as a pink tie against a powdery pink shirt or a maroon tie with a red-and-white Gingham shirt.

Stick To White Shirts
Grey suits are especially better for the hot season and are a much better choice than black and navy, especially those that come in comfortable lightweight fabrics like cotton. As with any suit, wearing a white shirt is the safest bet. The trendy slim fit collarless shirt with brown loafers can offer a breezy and slightly more formal ensemble.
You can choose to match your grey suit with a white tee shirt and white trainers of you want a sporty and breezy vibe. The sneaker trend has made it acceptable to pair not-so-formal wear with trainers but remember to be as minimal as possible.

Throw In Some Pastels
When it comes to grey suits, you can’t go wrong with a white shirt and a solid black tie. Pastels however throw in a nice contrast with a grey suit, as they pop against the cool neutral backdrop of the grey, brightening your overall look.
Deep coloured shirts on the other hand can overpower a light grey suit. As such, stick to muted hues such as a gentle powder blue shirt with a navy tie, which is a nice combination for the hot season.

Looking All Business At The Office
Your choice of shoes to wear with your grey suit to the office can be charcoal because it offers a more conservative choice of colour for office wear. Grey can also pair perfectly with sensible black leather like simple black Oxfords.

Burgundy or oxblood can help to add a little more colour into the outfit, especially in a contemporary monk strap or brogue shoe. Wearing a white shirt to the office is failsafe and you can use your tie to inject colour into your appearance. A shiny silk or knitted tie in a dominant colour is a good choice.

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