All The Shoes Women Hate To See On Men

The simple truth that a lot of men tend to forget is the fact that women are very discerning and can determine all they need to know about you with a glance at your shoes. Women only need to look at your shoes to know if you are the kind of man they want to spend time with.

More so, women definitely do judge men by the type of shoes they wear. If you don’t want to repel women, here are six types of shoes to avoid.

Flip flops

Flip flops

It is universal knowledge that men’s feet are not attractive and we should naturally do all we can to wear footwear’s that will change the narrative. So unless you’re going to the beach, it is best you leave the flip flops at home. And if you go out in flip flops paired with jeans, you may just be playing with shoe jail time.



Don’t think that just because your sandals are not flip flops you can rock them to virtually any place you deem fit. Men’s sandals, or mandals, are actually worse than flip flops. Especially any style that incorporates a bungee cord feature.

For goodness sake, you are wearing it on your foot, and it is by no means a fully loaded truck bed embarking on a cross country road trip. In fact, as a general rule, nothing you wear on your body should involve bungie cords.



Crocs naturally should be a no-brainer, but we should just include it here in writing for good measure. Simply put, never put this on if you want to score points with that woman you have your eyes on.

Grandpa sneakers

Grandpa shoes

If your tennis shoes are all white, full of volume and great for arch support, chances are you are wearing a pair of grandpa sneakers. They’re often New Balance brand, and they’re great for a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

If our assption is right that you are not a grandpa, you may want to buy some respectable Nikes or Adidas.

Square-toe dress shoes

There is no faster way to alerting every woman in your vicinity that you know nothing about style and fashion than wearing square toe dress shoes. These shoes were cool in the ’90s not now.

They were usually made of shiny black non-leather, and they had super chunky rubber soles. If this sounds like a pair you own, it’s time to burn them and never speak of them again.

Tassel shoes

Except you are a male runway model, a high-fashion Italian gentleman being featured on a street style blog or a celebrity that is keen on staying relevant in the news, then you cannot pull off tassel loafers.

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