All The Things About Your Clothes You Probably Never Knew

You are probably accustomed to getting the best possible clothing designs but how much of the tiny details of the clothes you are wearing do you know about? If you think the tiny pocket on your jeans is useless, think again. Here are all the things about your clothes you probably never knew about.

YKK Zippers
More than half of all the zippers on Earth have the letters “YKK” on them. YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, a zipper company founded in Tokyo in 1934. Today, the company makes more than 7 billion zippers each year.

Next time, you may want to double check your pants zipper; first to make sure your fly isn’t down, and second, to see if you’re wearing one of the most popular zipper brands.

Buttons on Men and Women’s Shirts
The victorian Era saw women wear elaborate pieces like corsets, which meant that women needed help to get dressed. One theory as to why you find women’s buttons on the left and men’s buttons on the right is because designers may have begun creating women’s clothes with buttons on the opposite side of men’s clothing so that servants had an easier time dressing ladies.

Still to this day, women button up their clothes from the left and men button their clothes on the right.

Tiny Pockets In Your Jeans
The first generation of blue jeans actually only had four pockets: one in the back, one in the front, and two of those small ones on the front. According to Levi Strauss, the tiny pocket was made to hold pocket watches.

Button-down Shirt Loops
When men wear ties with a button-down shirt, the tie goes underneath the collar. If you are however observant, you would have noticed a small loop right below the collar on the back of the shirt that often goes untouched.

As a part of Ivy League college culture, students used the loops to hang their shirts in their lockers and keep them free from wrinkles.

Jean Pocket Studs
There’s a purpose for the little studs around your jean pockets. In the early days, it was mostly workingmen who wore jeans. After a long day and extended wear, jeans would rip in the corners of the back pockets. This led to a Latvian immigrant to the United States, Jacob Davis, partnering with Levi to use rivets to strengthen pockets on jeans.

The Patch on Your Backpack
Patchwork gives jeans and bags a cool look but they serve a much bigger purpose that goes beyond making outfits trendy. The small leather diamond on backpacks is called a “lash tab” or “pig snout,” and it’s meant for you to string items such as a water bottle or pair of shoes through it so they hang off your back.

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