All You Need To Do To Get The Best From Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are some of the most important fashion items that every man should have in his wardrobe but not all men know how to take proper care of their footwears. The first thing when it comes to taking good care of your shoes is to choose one of good quality as it will serve and repay you time over time.

Getting the best from your leather shoes should however not be rocket science as following some simple and essential tips can make you get the best out of them for a long time.

Never Compromise Quality
Very few clothing and fashion items are as unforgiving as getting fake leather. This is because faux leather tends to crack and wrinkle easily, which exposes it to wear and tear.

It will also be uncomfortable to wear because of its rigidity which can make it not only stink of chemicals used to smoothen it but will also wear out rapidly. Avoid flirting with the idea of going for something cheaper as saving some small amount won’t be a good investment idea some months down the line when you will be forced to shell out money for a new pair of shoes after the fake leather has worn out.

Take Proper Care Of Them
The truth is good leather also degrades if it is not properly taken care of. It is important that you take proper care of your leather shoes as even leather degrades if not properly taken care of.

What this means is that a quick brush of your shoes before and especially after wear will remove any dirt and dust at the end of the day. You can also insert cedar shoe trees to absorb sweat and reduce odour. Keep your shoes in a dark dry spot and make sure you Polish them at least once in two weeks to help extend their lifespan.

Avoid Choosing Rubber Soles
Rubber soles usually accompany fake leather and square toes, and they should be avoided entirely. Even though single or double leather are not great or suitable to be worn in the rain, they are some of the most elegant material for quality dress shoes. More so, they are not cumbersome like rubber soles or protect your feet completely.

Furthermore, the heels of single or double leather shoes should not be too high, as anything taller than an inch or so will make your shoes basically become a boot. This will undermine the sleek silhouette of classic leather dress shoes.

Avoid Wearing The Wrong Toe
Buying square-toed shoes is something you should avoid and it is also something as obvious as telling you not to go walking in mud with your leather shoes or splattering paint all over them.
Clunky square toe shoes look dreadful, just as pointy toes and perfectly circular toes. It is best to stick with shoes that have a sophisticated curved toe and this can be found on the classic Oxford.

Match Your Leather Shoes With Your Belt
Matching the colour of your shoes with your belt is most likely the oldest commandment when it comes to menswear and while it is common for you to break this rule and match black and brown leather items with style, it is a fashion gamble that may not just be worth the risk.

Matching Black and black appears to be a little too conservative, but it is a combination that never fails when it comes to formal wears. Brown and brown on the other hand is less formal but equally reliable.

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