All You Need To Know About Looking Your Best In Driving Shoes

Driving shoes have made their way back to male fashion consciousness and not a few number of men rock this preppy style shoes. The driving shoes was originally worn by Italian roadstars who enjoyed the road rage but have now become a preppy style staple for the modern man. The driving moccasins are especially trendy and have basically taken over as the casual shoes for 2017.

Driving shoes are essentially designed to be more sensitive to car pedals and their made up of supple leather and designed in such a way that they have a pattern of rubber nubs on the sole to help provide extra grip. The comfortable slip-ons are essential needs of the modern man as they can form part of your casual shoe wardrobe. Here are a number of things that can make you look your best when you wear driving shoes.

Be Confident

Driving shoes

There are a variety of colours and styles to choose from when it comes to driving shoes but some level of confidence is required to rock them. From chunky stitching to bright colours and a variety of styles, driving shoes gives you a chance to make a huge statement.

Moccasins tend to come in almost all colours you can think of but they may require some level of coordination. No matter the colour you choose, you can coordinate them nicely with a pastel polo shirt along with a stack of different uppers ranging from tassels and buckles to faux laces and the classic penny loafer strap.

Keep Things Casual

Driving shoes

The material and vibrant colours coupled with the toe shape (squarer than pointy dress shoes), restrict driving mocassins to casual occassions. Whether youre attending an outdoor lunch with someone new, going out clubbing, taking a stroll or you’re hanging out with friends at the local bar, the driving shoes are your best companion.

You surely dont want to do all the things mentioned above with a suit on your back and oxfords on your feet. These shoes are however not ideal for weddings or clubbing as you dont want to expose the soft and delicate leather to moisture from anywhere.

You can pair them up nicely with slim cut jeans or chinos rolled up at the ankle, or shorts in the sunshine.

Keep Them In Good Shape

Driving shoes are luxurious in appearance and you can find rich and upperclass dudes slipping into them while in their cars for the road. This perhaps is why you need to keep them looking good and fresh.

The soft leather and rubber dimples of mocassins aren’t too forgiving. The fact that they’re less expensive than dressier shoes and come in a wide variety of styles is enough reason to invest in them and have more than a few different pairs that you can mix and match with different outfits.

Let Go Of Your Socks

Driving shoes offer you a casual appearance and youre allowed to flash your ankle. As such, wearing socks with them will be a little too weird.

If you’re concerned about smelly feet, you can choose to wear invisible socks, or if wearing socks makes the hoe tight, ensure that the inside of the shoe is leather so it can absorb sweat better than a synthetic material could.

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