All You Need To Know About Shoes And Their Toe Shapes

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Male shoes and footwears come in a variety of sizes and shapes that is especially related to the shapes of the toe and it is important you know all the types that exist. The type of shoe toe shape you wear can go a long way in improving your appearance, the same way it can also improve people’s perception of you.

As such it is important you know all the toe shapes of shoes that exist so as to be able to make informed decisions when you are purchasing footwears to add to your wardrobe.

The Apron

Apron toe shoes

Loafers usually come in a variety of vamps but the toe shape that comes in a fairly consistent type of toe called the apron has an elevated seam that extends around the front of the footwear. This helps to produce a more casual vibe.

The apron crease toe shape however comes with its own risk as it can appear boxy and daggy if not properly done. It can however also stylish when an on-trend pair of loafers executes the toe shape design well.

The Bicycle toe is more or less an apron toe where the crease doesn’t wrap around the front, but instead connects with the sole at the toe. It is a favourite of square-toed shoes that you should stay away from.

The Cap Toe

Cap toe shoes

The cap toe shape emphasises the toe of your shoes by employing the use of stitching or a decorative piece of leather to divide the toe part of the shoe from the rest of the shoe.

Oxfords are the most common type of dress shoe that come with the toe cap but other shoes like the trendy monkstraps, that usually come with one or two lines of stitching also come with cap toes. Brogues on the other hand come with a lot of decorative detailing which includes perforations, layers of leather, and serrated details along the edges of leather.

Some also come with overly intricate leatherwork, fancy medallion detailing on the toe similar to the type that can be seen on a cowboy boot but which is less suitable for a business environment.

The Plain Toe

Plain toe loafera

The plain toe offers a clean and minimalist appearance courtesy of an elegant toe cap that comes little or no detail.

Whole-cut Oxfords which are made from one single piece of leather, Derbies that are slightly different from the more formal Oxfords because of their open lacing, where the lace eyelets sit on top of the shoe as opposed to closed lacing with the eyelets beneath the vamp which helps to create a sleeker and dressier silhouette, Chelsea boots, and chukkas or desert boots are all examples of plain toe shoes.

The Wingtip

Wing tip monkstrap

The Wingtip toe shape comes as a pointed toe cap that extends down both sides of the shoe in the form of wings. They can be worn in both formal and business situations and can also often be seen coming in polished patent leather at black tie events.

Derbies and Oxfords occasionally come in a M-shape perforated wingtip that can extend right to the back of the heel. This toe type is however a less contemporary style for millennials.

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