All You Need To Know About Suit Buttons


It’s sometimes very confusing knowing the essentials of buttoning styles that a lot of suits come in. You’re not alone if youre confused and don’t know the difference between a one-button suit jacket, two-button suit and a three-button suit jacket.

And if you’re thinking it has to do with the number of buttons the suits come with, you may be partially right but there are yet things that differentiates each suit jacket type.

There’s no more reason to fret as here are the basic rules about suit styles and suit buttons and you will be surprised that they are actually as simple as 1-2-3.

One-Button Suit Jacket


Just as the name suggests, one-button suit jackets come with a single button and they are usually worn to black-tie events. They usually come as part of a tuxedo or can be worn with one.

The thing however is that most one-buttoned suits are not suitable to be worn outside of black tie events or dinners.

The rule of this jacket is simple. Remember to always button the suit when you’re standing and leave it unbuttoned the moment you take a seat.

Two-Button Suit Jacket


This is perhaps the most versatile suit jacket out there and it has remained a choice for a lot of men because of the class it helps to eschew.

The two-button suit jacket’s versatility should never be underestimated as it can comfortably seat in well with corporate and business outings as well as social gatherings.

The cut of the jacket is a flattering one and it can help to create the illusion that you’ve added a couple of inches to your height, which makes it suitable for men of average height.

The buttoning up rule is a little bit different from the one-button suit jacket as it simply requires you to fasten the top button and leave the other one unbuttoned when standing and unfasten the same top button when seated.

Remember never to button up the bottom button either while you’re standing or sitting.

Three-Button Suit Jacket


The three-button suit jacket is gradually leaving the fashion scene, as it is no longer as popular as it used to be.

Despite this lull however, the three-button suit is a jacket of choice for short men because it incredibly increases their height using the optics of the triple button layout which makes such men look seriously longer and leaner.

Furthermore, the three-button suit is best reserved for corporate and business events that require a certain level of seriousness. If you opt to wear this suit, you can throw. Waistcoat into the mix and you’d be incredibly stylish and prepared for any formal event.

The rule of buttoning for a three-button suit jacket demands that you fasten only the centre button of the jacket when you’re standing, while you leave the lower button, unbuttoned.

The top button is however optional when you’re standing. When you’re however seated, you should never fasten any of the buttons.

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