All You Need To Know Before Wearing Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are the new fad, and whether you like to wear them washed, ragged or ripped, they make a huge fashion statement. Distressed jeans have made a return to our fashion consciousness just as it has several times in the past and it appears it is here to stay this time.

Unfortunately however, not very many people know the right way to rock Distressed jeans and some will wear them and look terrible. If you’re a little confused as to how to wear this trendy fashion wear, we have you covered.

Are Distressed Jeans Meant For You?
Well it depends on you and the kind of fashion statement you intend to make. Ripped, faded jeans are a staple of edgy streetwear and are a versatile addition to the casual wear wardrobe of a lot of edgy men. Lighter washes are trendy and pale stonewash jeans offer the best foundation for knee slashes, patchwork.

General rips and tears, as well as frayed, unfinished hems that are cropped a little higher around the ankle is a look that has been adopted from women’s denims and as become trendy for males.

While skinny denims are still popular, the wider leg styles have made a huge comeback. Either styles work well with distressed jeans but you should ensure you have the shape of your body at the back of your mind before choosing your jeans. Light washes and wider cuts are more suited for people with athletic build, whereas larger blokes should stick to darker shades and slimmer cuts to avoid looking like they’re wearing oversized denims.

The Right Way To Distress Jeans
Almost all the top fashion houses are going back to the authentic faded washes and intricate detailing, while retaining the vintage vibe. You can however choose to distress your old jeans yourself. A cup of bleach and a spin in the washing machine or giving it a hot wash and drying it on a clothesline in the sun for a chemical-free wash is the easiest way to get yourself an evenly faded jeans.

To get raw hems, the best thing is to make a small cut with a pair of scissors and rip by hand. Using the scissors for the whole job will usually give you a less than satisfying job. The same is applicable with knee slashes. Simply use a pencil to mark out where you want to open up, make a finger-sized cut with scissors, then tug away at the threads.

The fabric will tear in straight lines, and using your hands to create the rip will make the tear look more natural. You can get a more distressed denim with bleach or sandpaper, which is a good way of wearing down denim elsewhere, too.

The Right Way To Style Your Distressed Jeans
Distressed jeans are the closest you can get to the informal end of the fashion spectrum until you fall into the realm of sweatpants. You definitely won’t walk into your office on casual Friday wearing raw denim jeans with holes on the knees and a frayed raw hem above the ankle.

It won’t look odd however, if you pair it with a longline tee and canvas sneakers or work boots on the weekend. This is grungy look can be accentuated with graphic tees, oversized jumpers, military-inspired jackets and sneakers like Vans. The most important thing is to look effortless and hide how much energy you put into your look.

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