All You Need To Know To Pull Off A Stylish Look With The Turtleneck

The turtleneck was a fashion favourite for men and women in the ’70s and it is back providing more stylish look for all and sundry. Turtleneck do not only provide warmth for the neck region during winter and cold seasons but they also provide you with an incredible stylish look that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Rocking the turtleneck is however not as simple as it seems as there are some rules as regards wearing and looking dope in them. If you’re thinking of rocking the turtleneck, here are five tips you must follow to pull off this trendy fashion item.

Embrace The Chunkiness Of The Outfit
If you choose to wear your turtleneck alone as a piece of outerwear, then it is best for you to work with texture. A toasty thick cable knit or rib knit, is a good choice. You should however remember that you need a pronounced neck to pull it off.

The extra bulk of the outfit does not flatter no-necks and if you fall in this category, it is best you skip the roll-neck altogether or stick to thinner materials and lower necklines if you are particular about embracing this fashion trend.

Have A Long Neck
This is perhaps the most important rule to wearing turtleneck. A long tall neck is important as it will ensure that you don’t get swamped by the jumper in a way that makes your total appearance look like you’re confined by one of those medical neck braces.

Having a long neck ensures that the turtleneck has a good base to seat on and stretches out well enough to look good on you.

Try And Go Casual
Choosing to wear a black turtleneck beneath a suit jacket is to say the least austere and mature. There has however been a resurgence in the popularity of this fashion style which has prompted designers to produce roll-necks that features detailing that deserves to stand alone as outerwear.

It is best to look for outfits that come in prints, stripes, patterns, or a loud colour that departs from the normal standard black found everywhere.

Never Be Afraid To Keep Things Simple
If you choose to wear a turtleneck under your suit as opposed to a traditional shirt and tie, you are already making a big statement by doing this. If you’re incorporating a roll-neck into your formalwear, it is best you stick to a thin knit in dark, neutral colours.

A simple, tight-fitting black or navy in a light cashmere or wool beneath a well-tailored jacket will provide you with a sleek and flattering silhouette.

Try Out The Classic Combinations Too
One thing that makes turtleneck very appealing is the fact that they are simple and stylish. The ability to wear them beneath a jacket instead of fussing around with a shirt, tie, scarf, and other fashion accessories, makes it look great and simple in all-black ensembles including a pea coat, slim jeans, and boots, or with a dark suit for a less stuffy smart-casual outfit.

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