Clothes And Accessories Every Man Should Stay Away From

Dressing to impress women can be an incredibly tough task as the clothes and accessories that impress one, may be repulsive to another.

There are however a number of fashion moves that will almost every self-respecting lady will find repulsive. Such clothes and accessories are universal sins that are style turn-offs for women.

Here are a number you should avoid if you have the intention of getting a few phone numbers or going home with one.

Overly Casual Outfits
By this we mean those days when you’re underdressed for date nights or to black tie events.

Few things are worse than inviting a woman who puts in a lot of effort for a date and she shows up to see her man wearing a T-shirt and jeans. It tells her you don’t care and sh may just take the cue from that.

Wearing Sports Sunglasses
If you’re not engaging in a sporting activity, don’t ever wear your sports sunglasses. No woman wants to see your wraparound on you at a restaurant.

Dirty Sneakers
If you’re going out with a girl, take the pain of putting in some effort and don’t wear the same shoes that you wear out everyday. If you must wear them, ensure that they clean as wearing dirty sneakers will ruin your overall outfit.

Except you’re going to a sports bar, you shouldn’t wear your jersey to any other place. Football players wear it as a uniform and chances are you will never catch them wearing them with jeans for a casual outing with their name on it, so why should you?

No Jewellery On The Wrists
You’re expected to own at least one wristwatch and not doing so or having any other jewellery such as rings or wristbands on can be a turnoff. A watch is an important finishing detail on a man.

Wearing Earrings
Don’t wear them. There’s no need to adorn your ears like hers. No one would be interested in dating such guys.

Visible Undershirts
Your undershirts should stay as they are- undershirts! No one wants to see your undershirt peeking out through your button-down shirt or the Inscriptions showing through your dress shirt.

General Sloppiness With Your Dressing
Being sloppy with your appearance is a total turnoff and you will score more points if you pay attention to sloppy details.

You don’t have to tuck in your shirt always but having a shirt that is not wrinkled will show you paid a little more attention to your appearance.

Clothes With Graphic Inscriptions
While it is totally acceptable to wear clothes with some form of graphics on, there comes a certain time that people won’t take you serious, especially if the Inscriptions are of an offensive nature.

Decorative Jeans
Jeans that comes with a lot of designs and embellishments are a huge turn-off for women, especially if they come with multiple tones or 10 pockets.

You should leave such jeans as relics in the past or give them out. To get heads turning, your jeans should be simple, crisp and clean.

Baggy Jeans
This was the trend in the late 90s and early 200s but it has since lost its appeal. The baggy jeans has no sex appeal and makes you look like a person with four legs trying to conceal two.

Double-pleated Khakis
Except you became a dad in the 80s and you’re no longer in the market for women, you can stick to wearing this. If not, your chances of getting laid is next to zero.

Scuffed-up Dress Shoes
Dress shoes are some of the fashion accessories women love to see on men and they notice when you don’t take care of them.

Dirty and Scuffed-up up dress shoes tells her you’re a guy who lacks the capability to take care of her.

Very Short Pants
Very short pants are a turn off for women as they d want to be able to see halfway up your legs when you sit down. It is unattractive to say the least.

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