Common Mistakes You Should Avoid Making With Your Wristwatches

More and more men are beginning to see the wonders that lie with wearing the right wristwatches and how much they add to personal style.

Unfortunately however, people pay less attention to style and more on aesthetics when purchasing wristwatches.

This creates a number of problems including a failure to understand the chronograph and settling for one with low quality. Here are a few things that can help you avoid common mistakes.

Never Think Expensive Equals Quality
When it comes to wristwatches, high prices usually means more complications and more complications means you have a better watch.

A lot of famous watch brands advertise their timepiece’s parts individually up the fact is the more complicated parts your time piece has, the more complicated the wristwatch is overall, especially when it comes to servicing and maintenance.

More so, you shouldn’t expect admirers to simply appreciate and fawn over your watch simply because it has an expensive price tag. Buy a piece that’s right for you and experience piece of mind.

Calling The Folding Style A ‘deployment’ Buckle
It’s never a ‘deployment’ buckle but a ‘deployant’ buckle. You can make use of Google and you’d probably see information regarding this.

The reason why what you thought you know is incorrect is based on the fact that the deployant buckle is a translation of the French name, ‘boucle déployante’, which means folding clasp.

Settling For Something Too Cheap
On the other hand, you shouldn’t try to save money by buying something that is too cheap or too small for you. Since you’d be spending some of your hard-earned money, it’s best you buy something that will be good enough for you to love on the long run.

Wristwatches that come with case diameters of between 36mm and 39mm are generally too small for many men and you can save a little more by buying one with a diameter of between 40 to 42mm.

Moreover, there are a lot of muscular options up to 46mm and even 48mm but you need to have the wrist to wear it.

Abusing The Rolex Brand
Everyone knows about Rolex, the same way people that are not fans of motor sports know about the ferrari and non-football lovers know Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

However, there are watches that are way more expensive that a Rolex but very few beats it when it comes to maintenance costs and second hand value.

These two factors make the Rolex a good old reliable watch that isn’t so bad after all. They have a reputation for a reason, their pieces have been built to last for more than a century.

Never Sneer At People That Wear Expensive Timepieces
You should never dismiss people that spend a little more on mega-luxury watches whether they wear them or they are simply investors who never actually wear and enjoy their timepieces.

The latter are a group of people who simply have a passion for researching timepieces and are willing to shell out a little extra money at auction for a collector’s item. Such people genuinely love watches and you should never assume that they are simply bidding to add to their private collection or museum.

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