Do You Have Thinning Hair? Here Are Five Rules You Should Never Break

If you are one of those struggling with thinning hair, there are a number of rules you should stick to as failing to do so can accelerate your hair problems. Here are a number of health-boosting hacks that can give your locks the fuel they need to grow.

Be Wary Of Heat
Be careful not to set your hot tools on “scorch.” anything above 300 degrees fahrenheit setting is definitely too high for finer hair. Your hair needs a lower setting, otherwise it can fry and break.

Use a Weekly Treatment Mask
If you have fine and thin hair, it is best for you to deep-condition once a week, as this will help fill in damaged areas and make hair appear thicker.

Try any mask that is formulated with jojoba seed oil to strengthen and repair tresses, and others loaded with strand-loving omega fatty acids and antioxidants, including vitamins A and C.

Keeps Strands Clean
If you are one of those people with finer locks, it is essential for you to make really good friends with shampoo, because hair can look thinner when it’s greasy.

Thickening Shampoo that is formulated with a trio of ingredients—qmilch fibre, framboise extract, and konared coffee berries to make hair look and feel thicker is also recommended. Dry Shampoo, is great for absorbing oil and adding volume to roots.

Use Conditioner Sparingly
If you have limp locks, there is no need for you to weigh them down by dumping conditioner all over your head. It is best to use a little conditioner only on the ends, which tend to be drier.

Keep Up With The Cuts
Consider making an appointment for a trim every six to eight weeks to keep hair healthier and fuller-looking. You can also ask your stylist to avoid over-layering.

You want the shape to look thicker, especially on the ends, because too much layering does the opposite.

Take Advantage of Products
If you have fine hair, products are your secret weapon. Volumizers help create lift and movement at the root. For a bouncy blowout, it is best to elevate each section and blasting each lock with cool air to set the style for maximum volume. A little back combing on the roots works if you need even more lift.

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