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Singer, songwriter, and worship leader Onu Peter announces the release of “Yahweh – You No Dey Fail” on February 14, 2020.

The highly anticipated single is coming on the heels of the two previously released audio and video singles , “You Are Holy” and “Do Well” from last year, produced by the super talented Elvis E in The Netherlands.

“Yahweh – You No Dey Fail” is a reminder to you especially those moments when you feel faithless, when you believe that God has left you, take refuge in the word. God’s word has stood the test of time. It has been refined in the fire; it is pure, flawless, enduring, eternal, true. Let it be your shield. Let it be your source of protection.

And calling God’s name, He remains the same through all generations. He is fully trustworthy, always powerful, forever loving, and constantly present with us:

Adonai — means “The Lord” or “My Great Lord”

El Shaddai— “The All-Sufficient One”

Jehovah-Rapha — “The Lord Who Heals”

Jehovah-Jireh — “The Lord Who Provides” and so on…

Each name reveals an important attribute of God’s nature or reminds us of His care and faithfulness for us. In those names we find new reasons to worship God, to trust Him, and to praise Him more.



Eh 7x (Ebelebe Mma Mma 6x)

Ah Ah Ah 2x


Yahweh Yahweh 4x

I want You Yahweh (Hah hah ah)

I need You Yahweh (Hah hah ah)

I love You Yahweh (Hah hah ah)

I need You Yahweh (Hah hah ah)

Verse 1:

Lord I give You the praise (Lord I give You the praise)

Yeah (Every day)

And I give You the worship (And I give the worship)

(Yeah) Every day)

In my life (In my life I see the wonders of Your hand)

Eh, You no dey fail

You dey do me wellu well o

Oh oh oh Yahweh

Yahweh Yahweh

Forever I’ll give You glory Lord

No rock we’ll take my place

Oh oh oh Yahweh

Yahweh Yahweh

Mai Ceto na, Ubangiji

Kai ne mai Iko eh


Yahweh 4x (Eh Yahweh Ah)

I need You Yahweh (I need You Yahweh) (Hah hah ah)

(Ebelebe Mma Mma)

I want You Yahweh (I want You Yahweh) (Hah hah ah)

(Ebelebe Mma Mma)

I love You Yahweh (I love You Yahweh) (Hah hah ah)

(Ebelebe Mma Mma)

I need You Yahweh (I need You Yahweh) (Hah hah ah)

(Ebelebe Mma ma)

Verse 2:

Elshaddai tonight

I bow and give You praise

Lord Your Kingdom reign

And Lord You never change

Adonai I’ll sing of Your mercy and Your love

You no dey fail

You dey do me wellu well o


You no dey failu me at all o (You no dey failu me at all) 4x

Provider (Hey) Sustainer (Hey) Protector (Hey)

My Shelter eh (Hey) Deliverer (Hey) My Healer (Hey

My Helper eh (Hey) My Shelter (Hey) Provider (Hey)

Sustainer eh (Hey) My Healer eh (Hey) Protector (Hey)

Deliverer (Hey) My Helper (Hey) My Comfort eh (Hey)

My Shelter (hey)

You no dey failu me at all o (You no dey failu me at all) 4 x

Provider (Hey) Sustainer (Hey) Protector (Hey)

My Shelter eh (Hey) Deliverer (Hey) My Healer (Hey) …


Onu Peter, also known as De – Nice Onu Peter is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, musician and an ordained minister based in Germany. Although a graduate of Fashion Design and Clothing Technology, he isn’t ashamed or afraid to take the true Gospel simply, sincerely and passionately with the sole desire of seeing people encounter and experience the Lord from Europe, Asia, Africa to America. He declares; “My mandate is to inspire and touch lives through anointed music ministry”.

Onu Peter in his music, captures life in the sense of love, the realities of human nature, and their relationship to God.

From childhood, this talented musician discovered himself to be musically gifted first by playing the drums in church he taught himself. His gift went on to make him work with several choirs and bands which created a platform to horn his God-given talent.

Today, Onu meaning (King), passionately captures his listeners with his unique, sultry and energetic voice from a collective repertoire of songs ranging from soul, pop, reggae and of course traditional African gospel music.

After several years experience, this multi-talented musician has been travelling round the world inspiring and impacting others through worship events, concerts and music workshops, one of such is the annual “Gospel In The City”.

Onu Peter has written several songs for other musicians and some bands he has worked with.

His album “SOAR HIGH” produced by Dee Jones also can be heard on iTunes, Amazon and every top online store.

Just listen to his inspiring voice combining soul, gospel, funk and reggae uniquely crafted with contemporary urban rhythms.

He is a vessel been used by God for this generation.

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