Dressing Tips Fat Men Should Adopt To Look Slimmer

Having some extra kilograms shouldn’t make you fall short when it comes to looking stylish as there are a number of ways you can rock your clothes and look exceptional.

Fat people can relate to always reminding themselves that they will invest in some type of clothes only when they’ve lost some weight.

While it may be true that have a slim and trim figure can help you get the best out of a lot of fashion materials, there are still ways you can look good on the right type of clothes with a few extra kilos.

Here are a number of style hacks that every fat man can employ to look stylish.

Wear The Right Fit
A lot of men on the big side believe that wearing baggy clothes will hide the areas where they have problems but this is far from the truth as oversized garments tend to hang off your frame and makes you appear bigger than you really are.

More so, tight clothes are also not advisable as they won’t give you any wear to hide your bogus body parts well. The best bet is to look for garments that fit your body structure well, to help you create a better silhouette on any body type you have but more especially on a big body.

Thinner fabrics are especially better as they help to make more comfortable cuts and feel for your body type.

Use A Jacket
A blazer or suit jacket is a good fashion prop for anyone on the big side because they help.to add definition to your shoulders by drawing the eyes set on you upwards. They also help tuck in your belly to create a slimmer figure with a larger chest and thinner waistline.

Shorter cut blazers are your best bet as they can help to elongate your leg line to add an illusion of height and those with wider lapels can also help to add substance to your chest.

Be A Fan Of Black
If you’re looking for a colour that will make you seem slimmer, black is the way to go. Colours that come with darker hues are flattering mostly because they are able to work on people’s senses and make them believe that you are slimmer than you actually are.

If you have more weight from your waist down, black denim jeans, in particular, can be a clever choice since they can make your legs look more slimmer and your entire lower region more slender.

You should on the other hand stay off clothes with loud patterns and those that come in bright colours as they can make you bigger than you really are.

Use Shades Of Same Colours
For people on the plump side, employing shades of the same colour can help to streamline your silhouette and create an illusion of extra height.

Shades of the same colour such as dark blues and autumnal hues like rich browns and greens are particularly helpful in making you seem smaller and slimmer you really are.
Wearing clothes that come in different colours and tones will break up your body’s appearance and make you seem shorter and fatter than you are.

Dressing this way can also draw the eyes of people set on you to areas of your body that are unflattering, which is something you’re probably trying to avoid.

Stand Tall Always
For a man that has a few extra kilos, it is essential you have your Back straight, your feet square, and shoulders back every time.

Having a good posture can never be overemphasised because it exudes confidence and makes you look thinner.

A slim-cut trouser is also something you should adopt. Ensure that they are help up by a good belt since they help you lengthen your legs, and make you the man of substance you really are.

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