Dressing Tips That Make Short Men Taller And More Handsome

Being short should not be something you have to worry about especially when it comes to looking stylish and handsome enough to turn heads and fulfil the sexy, tall, dark features most women want. While genetics may have done you bad when it comes to height, you can follow a number of dressing hints to help create a taller impression.
From adding visual length to accessorising, here are dressing tips that will always come in handy for the short man to look taller.

The Visual Length Addition
Vertical stripes have long been known to add height by exploring optical illusion and it still remains true. Wearing jackets can also help to add height by adding volume to the shoulders and slimming your waist, especially those that come with slimmer lapels. It usually depends on the size and proportions in which your clothing materials come, as such skinnier ties, collars, and cuffs would do a lot to make you appear taller and more stylish.
Shirts that come in coarse materials, check or busy patterns should be avoided as they tend to interrupt a streamlined silhouette which is ultimately what will make you appear taller.

Wear A Streamlined Silhouette
Perhaps the most important rule for short men when it comes to dressing is to create a streamlined silhouette. The essence of this is to help create the illusion of a few centimetres more than you actually have. This can be achieved by building an outfit with complementary shades of similar dark colours, a opposed to wearing outfits with contrasting bright and muted hues.
Monochromatic outfits, especially those that come in shades of black, white and navy can also help to add to your height. If you’re short and you must wear a lighter tone, be sure to wear them on the top half of the body. This will help anyone staring at you to be drawn to the upper part of your body and see you as being taller than you really are.

Slim-fitting Clothes Are The Way To Go
Wearing shirts or trousers that are loose as a short person should be avoided at all cost. They make you seem like you just went into a store and picked clothes that you liked without paying attention to fit. If you have no choice because of your size and you purchase clothes that are a size or two too big, employ a good tailor to help with resizing them.
Slim-cut trousers are particularly important because they lengthen your legs and help provide a high waist, crotch, and hem. This also helps to prevent fabric from pooling around your ankles and help you seem taller to everyone having a look.

Accessorise Top Up
Any clothing accessory that draws attention down below should be avoided. Statement shoes, loud socks, a flashy belt buckle, or even an eye-catch watch will usually draw more attention than you want to your bottom half and invariably, your height. As such, accessorise only the top half of your body instead. If you’re wearing a suit, a pocket square, a tie with an accompanying bar, and a scarf will do to retain the attention of the right people, making you appear taller to them.

Tuck in More Often
The fastest way to make your legs look longer is to tuck your shirt in. Tuck in button-downs and purchase T-shirts that end around your hips . It is also important to ensure that your Tops are well fitted around the chest to narrow the torso, as well as the armpits, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing an oversized garment.

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