Five Night Time Habits You Never Knew Is Ruining Your Hair

The way you attend to your hair right before you sleep could be getting in the way of you having and keeping healthy, luscious hair. Your night time habits by no small means, can determine if your locks will begin to thin out or not.

You Skip Brushing
Brushing your hair before bed can promote a healthier mane. Your scalp produces natural oils, and brushing when your locks are dry distributes them through your strands.

Running that natural oil through your locks before bed helps stimulate the scalp and hair follicle to promote hair growth. More so, brushing is relaxing, so it could help you drift off to sleep.

You Use Cotton Sheets
Silk is gentler than cotton, meaning it won’t be as rough on your hair when you lay your head on your pillowcase. There’s no friction when it’s rubbing against the strands, and it helps with frizz and getting your strands stuck as your hair rubs back and forth. Get yourself a silk pillowcase for a great sleep and even better locks.

Sleeping With Wet Hair
Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, which is why going to bed right after you shower could cause damage and split ends.

Rubbing on the sheets at night when your locks are wet can make the cuticle ends rough up, which makes them frizzy and dry. If you shower at night, make sure you dry them up, or you braid it before going to sleep.

Packing It Up
During certain times, a topknot can preserve your style from the day before, but tying your locks in a tight bun or ponytail can damage your strands.

If you wear your hair up in the same place all day or every night while sleeping, that hair tie will stay in the same place and cause breakage. If you can’t stand to leave your hair down, try sleeping in braids, which are easier on the hair and will create pretty waves, she says.

Using A Tie
If you do decide to keep your hair up, don’t use a tight elastic. Elastic, especially when your strands are wet, will make a crease, and may cause damage within the crease.

Experts recommend a hairpin or a scrunchie because the fabric surrounding it is softer on your locks.

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