Five Reasons Why Your Wristwatch Is An Important Part Of You

Wristwatches have come to be an important part of dressing up as they help to accentuate our individual style and fashion sense.

Watches have come in different styles including a pocket style which has mostly fazed out to give way to the wristwatch.

Generally, the importance of the wristwatch has been reduced in modern life as people now have various devices such as cell phones, tablets and other portable-carryable devices which which tells the time.

However, for a person of fashion and style, Wristwatches are still very much worth wearing as they help to give an insight into your person while also helping out in difficult situations. Other reasons why your wristwatch is important are given below

It’s rude to check your phone all the time.

When meeting up with someone, it is a sign of rudeness and disrespect to continually check your phone.

Either for time or to check instant messages, peeking at your phone while having a discussion with your girlfriend, parents, acquaintance or friend during a date, meet up or interview is mostly bad and may sometime indicate impatience.

A wristwatch makes it easier to check the time without appearing impatient or disrespectful.

Wristwatches help check the time hands-free.
When on the move and you have your hands full with various items such as books, groceries or shopping bags, Wristwatches provide a level of ease and comfort to checking the time.

Using a phone in this situation will be cumbersome and difficult, thus making a wristwatch the ideal best bet.

Sometimes, we just don’t want our phones with us
Sometimes, when we want a bit of peace and quiet with people, we just want to leave our phones behind given the present struggle to detach ourselves from distracting features which come with our phones including games, instant messaging applications, emails and It’s already a struggle to tear ourselves away from email, texting and all the other distracting features on our phones.

Our wristwatch will serve the purpose of telling time and afford us the opportunity to leave distraction behind.

Wearing a watch shows you put in effort in your dressing.
When one puts on a wrist watch, it is apparent that such individual put in effort in his dressing. Just as putting on bracelets and rings add a touch of completeness to dressing, so does a wristwatch.

For instance, putting on just a tee shirt and Jean, adding a wristwatch will help to accentuate your appearance to the otherwise bare look you would have had.

And various colours and materials in which Wristwatches come makes it easier to match and complete dressing.

The watch you wear is part of your identity.
As one grows older, so does our taste in everything changes including our taste in Wristwatches. When we were younger, sports Wristwatches were the fad but growing older, we tend to change our taste to leather and metallic gold or silver straps.

Wristwatches just as belts, handbags and shoes are glaring symbols of our status, symbol and identity. For instance, a music artiste may wear a gold digital watch while a business man can be seen wearing a Rolex, an unintentional indication to the identity of both.

Lastly, we all seem to grow attached to wearing our Wristwatches after doing so for a long time which makes us feel ‘naked’ when we do not have them on. This is not a bad feeling but one that makes us realise how important our Wristwatches have become.

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