Five Shoe Mistakes That Can Cause Problems For Your Feet

You may be making a number of shoe mistakes by simply wearing one that fits but you should wear it only if it’s the right size, has enough support, and it’s not worn out.

You buy shoes online
In the same way that shoes that are too narrow can pinch your toes, shoes that are too big or too small can also alter the way you walk and move. As such, the size of the shoes you wear matters.

And while many people tend to purchase their shoes online, some doctors don’t recommend it, particularly if you’ve never tried on the shoe you’re buying before.

Checking the fit of the shoe before you purchase a pair allows you to experience its feel, to make sure that you have the right size and to avoid spending money on a pair of shoes that will be too uncomfortable to wear.

You try on shoes in the morning instead of later in the day
Before you head off to a store to purchase a shoe, it is important to ensure that you do so at the right time of the day.

As a result of the way your blood circulates throughout your body, the longer you’re awake and standing, the more blood that will pool in the lower part of your body and in your feet, making them swell slightly.

As such, it is important to try on shoes during the middle of the day or later, when your feet have already swollen a little bit, so you can account for the slight difference in size.

The most common mistake there is, is to try shoes on over the weekend, and to do it first thing in the morning when you do your errands. Buying shoes early in the day means you will end up getting a pair that is too tight and constrictive.

You try shoes on too quickly
Just as there’s a proper time of day to try on shoes, there’s also a time frame to keep them on. It’s important to try them on standing up, as your foot will slide forward as soon as you do, potentially changing the feel of the shoe.

Even after standing up, be sure to spend five or 10 minutes walking around or standing in the shoes. Make sure they feel comfortable and healthy for your feet. It is also important to have a store employee assess the fit of the shoe through checking the positioning of your toes.

You definitely want enough width in the shoe for all of your toes to sit comfortably, and enough length for your longest toe (even if that’s your second toe) to be able to stretch out.

You Fail To Replace Shoes With Worn-down Heels
Have you ever noticed that one side of the bottom of your sneaker’s heel can be more worn-down than the other after using your shoes for a couple of months. It is actually a normal phenomenon.

Your heel, positioned directly below your body, supports all of your weight. While we all walk slightly differently, some people will actually lean more on one side of the shoe than the other.

That however doesn’t make it healthy for your foot and ankle to be put in this imbalanced position in the long term. While some people may look at the sneaker and say, ‘Well, it’s new,’ others will say, ‘Look at the heel’. You’re no longer standing normally, so you have to replace it.

Failing To Replace Your Running Shoes
The simple truth is that you can run 100 miles in each pair of running shoes before they should be replaced. Living by this rule means that if you run five miles; four or five times a week, you would have to replace your shoes almost every month.

This would most likely mean that it is an expensive shoe replacement habit, but it’s an important one to keep, even if you replace your shoes slightly less often.

After too much mileage, the sole of your running shoe and the cushioning below your foot can wear down, decreasing the amount of padding your feet get from your shoes as they pound the pavement.

If you’re a runner, it is best to pay attention to any pain you may feel in your feet, ankles, knee and hip joints; it may be a result of overused running shoes.

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