Five Ways You Can Save Big During Your Christmas Shopping

Christmas is here once again and it is that time of the year when sporadic shopping is the norm. Some of the best ways to save money during this season is to tap your friends, the community, local farms and some strategic apps. Here’s how to go about it!

Buy in bulk
This is even more important if you have a big family or lots of freezer space. One of the best ways to save money during your Christmas shopping is to bypass the supermarket entirely and shop instead at large wholesale stores.

The prices are typically cheaper (especially for things like nuts), but some aren’t, so make sure to know about how much you’d pay at the supermarket. If your family can’t plow through 24 eggs in one week, plan to split the cartons—and the cost, with a friend or neighbour.

Rethink one-stop-shopping
Being more thoughtful about where you shop can make a huge impact on your grocery bill. Make an effort to check prices at various local supermarkets, because even within the same zip code, some may be twice as pricey as others.

Avoid specialty shops, where food is usually more expensive, or only use them on special occasions. This may mean you need to plan your shopping trips a bit more strategically—packaged foods from one market and fresh foods or exotic ingredients from another—but your wallet will be grateful for it.

Rediscover healthy basics
Another way to save money when shopping during this season is to buy cheaper (but still healthy!) foods for yourself and your family.

Consider switching your meals to alternatively healthy options to save more money. All of these items are inexpensive and packed with nutrients. It’s also a great way to expose children to new foods.

Have A Link To Farmers And Gardeners
If you live in a semi urban area, chances are you will have a link to farmers and gardeners. You will get fresher, less expensive produce, and also help local farmers at the same time.

By paying a certain amount of money along with other members in the association, you are keeping the farmer in business and reaping the benefits of their fresh crop.

Better still, your veggies and fruits will have more nutrients because they’re fresher and not being flown or trucked in from thousands of miles away.

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