Get In Here Ladies! This Is What People Deduce From The Way You Hold Your Handbag

There are a lot of things that can be deduced from your body language and experts believe that the same is applicable to the way you carry your handbag.

A lot of the time, ladies spend time picking out which type of handbag to carry on a daily basis but what most don’t know is that your preferred purse could provide information about you, even though not much thought is given into the way you choose to carry it.

Whether you like to showcase it in your hand, elbow crook, or across the shoulder, your decision as to how you carry your handbag is not a random one.

According to body language experts, it can give an inkling into your personality. Purses are a gender identifier: a way to show your status, your taste and creativity, and personality.

Cross-body with bag in back
This is indicative of a cool, calm, and collected personality that is more trusting of others. Such people don’t like to concern themselves with the things they have to carry, but instead view life through a more casual, relaxed lens.

People that carry backpacks are more independent and want to take care of themselves and the people around them. While freedom is important, they primarily like to be prepared for any situation and eventuality.

They don’t stress about what other people think of them, as they determine their own coolness and pride themselves on being self-sufficient.

Over one shoulder with bag close to body
Carrying your bag like this shows that you are practical and need others to prove that they are worthy of your trust. As someone mainly looking to get things done, you don’t like to waste your time with little things.

You appear to be the cautious and wary of people, meaning that people see you as someone who needs to be smart in public and watch out for yourself.

Over one shoulder with bag swinging freely
Your purse hangs freely on one side of your body, not your front and this points to your spontaneous and carefree attitude, indicative of the fact that you take life as it comes. People know you as being confident and self-assured.

People see you as a person that doesn’t put priority on designer labels and brand names. The swinging and open style indicates that you prefer functionality over display.

Carrying in the crook of your elbow
People think of those that carry their handbags this way as authoritative and prestigious. People like this put priority on status and position, and may also be a way of showing that they are carrying an expensive bag.

In your hand
This style exudes sophistication and quality. You are seen as efficient, assertive and more organised. This is akin to carrying a briefcase and can communicate the importance of the person’s job.

Some people also tend to carry their bags this way when they want to attract more attention to the outfit itself, because the purse becomes a separate accessory to accentuate their clothing.

In front of body with both hands
This indicates shyness and a need to protect oneself. People that carry their bags this way may suffer from anxiety in social scenarios and prefer to stay out of the spotlight.

Cross-body with bag in front
ladies that do this want as much freedom of movement possible, coupled with a feeling of protection and accessibility. This method allows for the most convenience to be able to get into your bag.

It is common to see people living in big cities and those that travel a lot.

No Bag
People that neglect carrying a bag altogether, imply privileged position where other people carry the load for you. This personality is perhaps the most self-assured of them all; as such people have so much going for them that they don’t have to worry about carrying a bag.

On the other hand, it could just mean that such people want to be free. In such cases, it shows such people are very secure in their own identity, and they like to be defined by who they are as opposed to the things they wear.

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