Grey Hair Is Due To Over Thinking And Four Other Myths You Should Stop Believing

A lot of myths and fiction have been around for a while, especially when it comes to the colour, growth and texture of the hair. But which of these myths are facts and which are fiction?

Stress Will Make Your Hair Turn Grey
We all have seen pictures of a young and fresh-faced Barack Obama and Babatunde Fashola when they first ascended their respective elective posts spotting jet black hair.

Eight years after serving two terms, they could both be seen looking grizzly with their black hair turning grey.
The myth that the demands of the office made their hair turn grey quickly is false as if you take the same photographs of any man in his late 40s and 50s, eight years apart, you will most likely see the same thing.

The reason for this is because that age range is a stage in life when hair loses its pigment. While stress isn’t good for the body, spending long hours at work won’t magically bleach the hair and turn it grey.

Your Maternal Side Is Responsible For Your Baldness
If you’re bald, you most likely can take it from both sides of the family.

Whether your dad had full hair doesn’t matter as Male pattern baldness comes down to DNA from both sides of the family, not just your maternal grandfather, meaning the basis for this widespread belief is not factual and is as thin as you having rapidly receding hairline.

You Should Shampoo Your Hair Daily
The commercials that sell shampoos advice this but you should never listen to them as you don’t have to lather up every day.

Using shampoo frequently is not healthy for your hair as it depletes your scalp of the nutrients that give your hair strands a natural gloss.

Everyone’s hair produces oils at different speeds, and as such, ts best you give your hair a wash the moment it starts to feel too oily but you shouldn’t be keen about washing away those natural oils everyday.

Dry Scalps Are Responsible For dandruffs
Applying hair conditioners to make your scalp nourished and wet may not be the solution to your dandruff problems.

Dandruffs are caused by a yeast imbalance on the scalp rather than dryness. Scientists only recently discovered that the cause of dandruff was a natural yeast called ‘Malassezia globosa’ which feasts on your hair’s oil and inflames the scalp, causing the flaking of the top layer of skin covering your head.

You can solve this problem by applying a good medicated shampoo.

Cutting Your Hair Will Make It Grow Back Faster
This myth has been around for some time and there’s absolutely no truth to it. The Hair doesn’t have a will of its own, neither does it have a nervous system nor blood supply that aids it.

It is simply a strand of protein that has no way of communicating back to the rest of your body whether it’s been allowed to grow long or cut short.

The same thing applies to facial hair, as regular shaving doesn’t make your beard grow faster or thicker. The speed at which hair grows is usually dependent on your genetic makeup rather than on how often your barber takes them off.

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