How Men Can Make Their Morning Grooming Routines Quicker

While a lot of men get to dress up quickly, some tend to spend a lot of time on their morning grooming routines which makes them get late to work and appointments. If you are one of those men that spends longer than 20 minutes on his morning grooming routines, you may want to consider adopting a number of techniques that will help you get out the door on time and meet up your appointment as scheduled.

Shave in the Shower
A fast way to make it out of the house on time is to shave while you shower. Hot water helps to soften the skin and open up the pores to allow a smoother and less difficult passage of your shaving stick across the hair on your face.

If you add the time you will spend smoothing and washing off hair from your face during your shaving routine, you can cut off between 5 to 10 minutes, especially if you have an in-shower mirror, a waterproof electric shaver and a shaving gel.

Moisturising Sunscreen
A important thing that every man should have as part of their daily grooming routine is moisturising and protecting the skin against environmental elements. SPF moisturisers provide the two functions and a lot of grooming products produce moisturisers with SPF sun protection to help your routine get faster.

Use ‘Product’ Sparingly
There’s a tendency for men to spend a longer time using products such as wax or styling gels excessively. This tends to take a sizable chunk of their time in the morning. That is, emerge from the shower when wet, whack a stack of product in hair, then struggle to get it

This can be put paid to by styling your hair while it is still damp. When you’re applying the styling product, it is best to use half of what you think you need. Use paste if you have short to medium hair, a styling cream if your hair is longer.

The Two-in-one Dental Products Teeth
Two-in-one dental products have also become increasingly popular. There are Teeth-whitening toothpaste that also acts as mouthwash, just as there are floss sticks that also act as toothpicks. It is however important that you try out a number of products before deciding which product is best for you.

Use 3-in-1 Products
An increase in the number of men concerned with grooming has necessitated an increase in the numbers of grooming products that combine functions, simply because they will most likely appeal to men that are poor with time or those regularly on the move.

As such, lots of cheap and premium products have flooded the market with most coming as 3-in- 1 products which are body wash as well as shampoo, shaving gel and even moisturiser. It’s best to try a number of them first to determine the one that works best for you. These products have the advantage of reducing your grooming time and also limiting the amount of plastic bottles crowded into your shower.

If you employ all the tips above, you sure wouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes on your morning grooming routines.

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