How To Blend In When You’re Under Dressed At An Event

Every event has its own specific kind of dressing and nothing is as worse as appearing at an event that requires a jacket and tie in a shirt and trouser.

It is even more embarrassing here in Nigeria as certain events require attendees to down traditional native attires and appearing in any other form of dressing will not only belittle your status at such events but will have you feeling like a fish out of water.

There’s however little you can do in certain circumstances especially if your house is far away from the venue.

If you don’t want to hide yourself hiding yourself from family, friends and other people at the event, read through our solution of quick style tips that can help you look less underdressed at any event and more ready to impress anyone you come across.

Roll Up Your Pants
If you’re attending a corporate event, you’d want your appearance to look more serious. If your trouser bunches up at the top of your shoes, you probably look too casual for the event.

To turn up your look a notch and blend in with the corporate environment. You can class up your look by rolling up the legs of your pants into tight cuffs of about 2 inches.

This will help you to create cleaner and straight lines aligning your belt to your shoes. If you’re however attending a casual event, allow your pants to be free by loosening your belt by one belt hole or two. Be careful however not to have saggy trousers.

Sleeves Adjustments

If you’re attending a casual event, the best thing to do to blend in with the crowd is to roll up your sleeves. This will give you a splendid casual look.

If you’re however at a corporate event, it’s best you roll down your shirt sleeves. Tuck your shirt in, button your cuffs and button up your shirt and leave only the top button free. This will make you look more formal and less laid-back.

Your Mouth Matters

One thing you should have at the back of your mind is that no matter the effort you put in, once you’re underdressed at an event you’d most likely be seen as that.

As such, chances are likely to draw unwanted attention from other people attending the event. Feeling uncomfortable is normal but it is important you shrug it off and the best way to do this is to ignore the looks and walk down straight to the host of the event.

A warm reception from the host can help to reduce your anxiety especially if you go ahead to apologise for appearing underdressed.

The fact that you’re confident enough to admit that you’re underdressed shows your assertiveness and your host will most likely warm up to you.

Once you’re able to admit that your appearance was due to unforeseen circumstances, you’d most likely feel like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders and you’d have the freedom to relate freely at the event.

Mingle Freely
The next best thing to do is to mingle Freely and socialise with other people at the event. Isolating yourself by standing alone will only draw attention to you.

Be on the lookout for people you know or strike a conversation with people you’ve not been acquainted with. This will encourage you to feel more comfortable.

You should however remember not to apologise continuously for your appearance as that will only portray you as someone that has insecurities.

Smile and keep your head up. Slouching your shoulders will only tell people that you’re nervous but showing that you’re relaxed will only tell people that you think nothing of your goof which will in turn make them lose interest in your mistake.

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