How To Grow Out Your Hair And Have The Celebrity Look You Desire

Quite a number of us can relate to getting sick and tired of keeping our hair short and would instead crave for a desired celebrity look. It can be pretty difficult to think that a desired look is hard to reach but of you’re willing to put in some time, energy and faith, you can surely get the look you desire.

And lucky for you, we have your back and we have put together a number of essential tips that can make your hair look like that of Diddy, Jamie Foxx, Kit Harrington or which ever celebrity hair you’ve got your mind on.

Get A Strategy
The worst thing you can do to yourself and your hair is to start the journey without a plan as to where you want to end up. As such, flip through loads of celebrity pictures and decide which of the looks you fancy.

More so, you need to assess whether long hair is ideal for you, as really thick, coarse ones turns into a giant boofy mushroom, while a receding hairline would not make a good canvas for longer locks. Wavy hair on the other hand is flattered by extra length. Patience is however important as hair usually grows at about one centimetre per month so be prepared for the long haul.

Don’t Ditch Your Barber
If you choose to grow long locks, that doesn’t mean you should let go of your barber except you want your locks to end up an untidy, unkempt and un-styled mess. The transition to long hair requires plenty of maintenance as it grows out along the way to your ideal length.

You can choose to get an undercut as it is the ideal style. It is longer on top and still tidy around the back and sides. It helps you avoid an unintentional mullet, and follicles on top grow slower than on the side.

Find The Best Styles For You
With your hair growing at barely a centimetre a month, a lot of waiting is required. As such experiment with some distinct styles along the way. If you go with an undercut, the extra volume on top is perfect.
If your hair parts in the middle, the relaxed and trendy bro-flow is an option, or stick to the failsafe slicked-back look. Whatever the case maybe, your stylist should be your best ally during the unavoidable awkward stages of growth you’re bound to experience.

Take Care Of It
While getting long locks may seem like a great idea at first, it may not seem like something you’d love later on. If you choose to have long hair, you can’t just jump out of the shower and dry with a towel. You have to get used of squeezing out moisture in sections.

Blow-drying might not be the way to go as it weakens the hair. You won’t be able to brush it until it’s totally dry because of the risk of breakage. Don’t also over-shampoo it as it removes nourishing natural oils.

Learn How To Style
Longer hair will make you change your styling products. Heavy products like waxes and pomades should be left out and lighter products like leave-in conditioners, grooming creams, and sea-salt sprays should be brought in. This will give you a more relaxed look.

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