How To Prepare Vegetable Salad In Nigeria

The Nigerian vegetable serving of mixed greens is number one on the rundown of Nigerian solid nourishments.

I understood that most Nigerians avoid these common nourishments and spent more cash on handled food sources likely in light of the fact that they are regularly wrangled in additional sugar and fit to be taken.

I settled on a choice sooner or later to have at any rate a plate of vegetable serving of mixed greens instead of one dinner week by week. Vegetable servings of mixed greens will detoxify your body, improve your stomach related ability, make you feel lighter and even make you think more brilliant.

I have noticed that vegetables, when eaten in large quantity sought of awaken my neural pathway.
I am talking about raw vegetables and also some less sugary fruits, like cucumbers and water melon.

It is served in Nigeria alongside jollof rice or fried rice

There are basically two types of salads that are popularly eaten in Nigeria, Salads happens to be one of the healthiest set of foods that I know, especially the vegetable salad, I also like the fruit salad but this is by no means in comparison with the former.

What you find below is a plate of vegie salad, it looks delicious right? You can serve it this way or serve with any one of the rice meals.

Below are the ingredients used in making Nigerian Vegetable salads, you can double or reduce it, depending on the number of people you are looking to serve.

Ingredients For Nigerian Salads

  • Medium size cabbage
  • 4 medium size carrot
  • lettuce leaves
  • 2 cups of chopped green beans
  • half cup peas (optional)
  • 3 cooked eggs
  • one can of baked beans
  • 2 big size of cucumber
  • salad cream (heinz, BAMA mayonnaise)

Slice the cabbage too in a different tray (we use tray often in our home), slice the lettuce leaves, boil the eggs and remove the shell (2-3 eggs).

You then need to soften the cabbage, green beans, carrot and peas, most of the times we boil carrot, green beans and peas together and soak the cabbage in hot water for a minute.

Here is how it is done, add the carrot, green beans and peas to boiling (small) water, and allow to simmer on low heat for 3-4 minutes (this is to soften them a little, this practice is elaborated in the video below) heat water to 100 degree celcious (boiling point) and pour into the sliced cabbage in a bowl, allow for a minute then drain.

Also drain the carrot/green beans, peas and set aside in a bowl, now you are ready for the mixing part.
Most people choose to mix salad in a large plate/bowl or a tray.

The mixing is simple: sprinkle a handful of cabbage on the tray, and then sprinkle the carrot/green beans/peas, also the lettuce leaves and keep repeating the process until they are all in one place.

At that point cut the egg and drop on the highest point of the plate of mixed greens. (the egg is generally for adornment) The last blending is done as individuals dispense the serving of mixed greens; you include the plate of mixed greens cream and heated beans. It is useful for these two to be independent to abstain from getting soured over an extensive stretch of time.

Nigerian vegetable plate of mixed greens is served best with either singed rice or jollof rice; it is additionally extremely flavorful when served alone.

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