Ladies Get In Here! Here Are 7 Makeup Tips That Can Make You Look Glamorous

Dear Women, Beware! Heavy Makeup Can Lead To Cancer

Looking glamorous is a big deal in the 21st century and more than a few women are intent on using makeup to look even more beautiful. Unfortunately however, not every woman knows how to use makeup to look good. Here are a number of tips that can make you look more beautiful than you already are.

Fill Your Eyebrows
A well-defined eyebrows frame your face and bring attention to your eyes. It is recommended that you fill in your brows with an eye shadow that matches the colour of your brows. You can make use of short feathery strokes to brush the hairs up, and then over towards the tail.

Follow the natural arch of the brow. If you have strong brows, make use of a clear brow gel to set the brows once you’ve filled them in.

Begin With Eyeshadow primer
One thing you should avoid is your eye shadow wearing off or creasing on your eyes. Use a primer or base to make your eyelid as smooth as possible. Doing this will make your eyeshadow stay in place all day.

Create Depth With Eyeshadow
If you are keen about looking big and bold, then you should create depth with your eyeshadow. Do this by first applying a lighter-coloured shadow all over your eyelid. Then, take a darker shadow and apply it in the crease of your eye above your lid.

This will help to create an element of dimension. However, don’t forget to blend the lid colour with the crease colour to obtain a seamless look.

Use The Right Colours
One of the most important procedure when applying makeup is choosing eyeshadow colours that compliment your colouring. All you need to do is choose colours that are opposite to your eye color on the colour wheel.

For blue eyes, bronze and copper colours are ideal, while for green, hazel and brown eyes it’s best to use purple and taupe range colours. It’s also important to pay attention to skin tone when choosing shadow colours. The darker your skin tone, the warmer your eyeshadow should be.

Use Eyeliner
Apply a gel, pencil, or liquid liner on your top lash line. If you have light eyes, go with a brown eyeliner, while brown eyes will pop with black liner. Work the liner into the lash line as close to your eyelashes as you can.

If you want a more smoky look, apply a brown or black eyeshadow onto your lower lash line with a small eyeshadow brush. However, make sure the top and bottom eyeliner meet at the outer corner of your eye.

Highlight In The Right Places
Apply a light, sparkly eyeshadow right under the eyebrow and in your tear duct. Doing this will make it look like light is bouncing off your eyes!

Always Add Mascara
First curl your lashes. Hold the curl for a few seconds, and then let go. Then, brush two to three coats of mascara from the base to the tip of your top and bottom lashes.

Layering different mascara formulas gives you a more customized look. This will help make your lashes to look super long, super thick, and super black.

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