Ladies Get In Here! These Are The Right Ways To Dry Your Hair To Stop It Looking Frizzy

Every woman can relate to the problems associated with firing up a blow-dryer and applying the heat to dry their hair. Hair drying appears to be a recipe for unruly curls or for strands as flat as this screen.

If you are one of those that has problems blow-drying their hair, here are the best ways to do so irrespective of your hair texture.
The first thing to do is to use the right type of towel and towels that have microfibers are best used. This is because the ultrafine fibers are stitched more tightly together, which makes it dry hair five times faster than a cotton towel and also helps to minimise frizz by limiting friction between strands.

A. For Curly Hair
Frizz is perhaps the biggest problem people with Curly Hair face when they air-dry. This is because spirals are drier than other textures and scalp oil doesn’t slide down coiled hair strands as it does with straight hair.

The water from humid air can swell the cuticle and send hairs flying around. All you need to do is to moisturise your hair every step of your routine. This keeps your hair strands ultrasmooth and keeps the frizz away.

Wide Tooth Comb
Before taking a shower, use a wide Tooth Comb to work through your dry hair, starting from the bottom and moving up. Water tends to break down the hydrogen bonds in hair which can reset your curl pattern. This can cause your hair to frizz when you comb after you step out of the shower.

Use Curly Cleansing Conditioner
Curly Cleansing conditioners can act as a frizz-inhibiting surfactant, especially if it comes with cetrimonium chloride and can also be a big time moisturiser if coconut and argan oils are included. These ingredients help to cleanse your hair without drying it out.

B. For Wavy Hair
Wavy hair actually requires their own specific approach to avoid them frizzing and it is all too common to see women with wavy hair become very dependent on hair products. It is however important to note that too much hair products can create a crunchy effect and too little won’t define the waves. Here are some products to use.

Shampoo and Supernatural Conditioner
Shampoos and conditioners contain gentle surfactant derived from coconuts and brassica / copaiba oils to smooth but not smother hair.

Wet Brush Detangler
After conditioning your wavy hair, run a flexible-bristle brush through your hair strands to undo tangles and prevent breakage.

The Ocean Mist
Use a towel to dry your hair and spray a mist that is rich in vitamins over them. The crystalline structure of the salt contained in the mist adds texture to your wavy hair, while the panthenol helps your hair retain moisture, while removing any crispy feeling.

C. Straight Hair
The texture of straight hair mostly lacks lift at the roots which is one thing that makes air-drying seem like a great way to get a deflated mop and make your hair look great in addition to texturing and using some tools.

Shampoo and Texturizer
Products that come as shampoo and Texturizers helps to clean the hair and boost the hair volume with polymers called quats that don’t rinse off. It does all these, while imparting lightweight safflower seed oil that adds the ideal amount of conditioning.

Tangle Teezer Comb
The Tangle Teezer should be used immediately you step out of the shower. Flip your head upside down and comb hair forward, then flip back and let it sit on top of your head for 10 minutes. When you shake your hair out, you’ll have perked-up roots.

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