Ladies Watch It! 4 Reasons Your Nails Are Turning Yellow

It is common to hear people say that they need a manicure and those words doesn’t seem as true as when you stare down at their finger nails and see they have a yellow tinge.

While the reason for your yellow coloured nails may be nothing to worry about, here are four reasons why your nails have that shade of colour an how to combat it.

You’ve Got An Obsession With Dark Nail Polish
The conventional Knowledge that abounds is that healthy nails should be firm and hard, while in reality, nails should be quite porous.

As such, when you apply nail Polish especially those that come in darker shades often, your nails can absorb the pigment.

A lot of nail polishes contain iron oxides which are oxidised when applied and results in the temporary yellow-rust like colour that will eventually resolve.

The good news is th colour is not permanent and you can avoid staining in the future by applying a clear base coat prior to using heavily pigmented polishes.

If you’re bothered by the yellow stain, you can do well to remove your nail polish after having them on for a week and go bare without them once in a while.

Fungal And Bacteria Infection
The gym sometimes presents an array of infection for your finger and toenails. These infections are mostly aggravated when you walk barefoot in the gym or any other area that has a lot of human traffic.

Athletes foot is a thing that commonly affects frequent visitors to the gym and Fungus and bacteria can cause the nails to turn yellow-green and eventually acquire chalk-like brittleness.

If you have a feeling that you may have an infection of your finger or toenails, it is best you speak with a dermatologist, especially since treatment can vary depending on the source of the discoloration.

You Smoke Or Have A Vitamin Deficiency
The exact reason linking smoking and vitamin deficiency with yellow nails isn’t known, it is common to see people suffering from chronic lung disease or poor liver function, and long-term smokers (as nails come into contact with the smoke of tobacco), have brittle and yellow nails.

People with certain vitamin deficiencies such as B-12 and zinc can also have nail discoloration over time.

It Was Passed Down From Your Parents
This is an uncommon cause of yellow nails syndrome but despite it being rare, still affects a significant number of people.

It is an hereditary condition that usually occurs in middle aged individuals, associated with yellow nails of both hands and feet, including swelling in the legs, and respiratory signs such as chronic difficulty breathing.

The course of treatment requires you to treat the underlying lung issues and leg swelling, which is crucial to having good health.

While the colour of the nails may not revert back to normal due to the changes caused by genetic mutation, you can have healthy nails.

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