Men’s Style: The Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing Pink

Pink has long been seen as a woman’s colour but it takes a stylish man to adequately rock and look stylish in this colour. The stigma attached to the colour confines it to barbies and gay men but that is hopefully fading away as more and more men are beginning to enjoy the beauty of the colour.
The problem however is what is the best way to incorporate such a colour that makes a huge statement into your dressing without coming off odd? Here are number of Dos and don’ts that can help you incorporate this colour into your wardrobe and dressing in such a way that you will get heads turning for the right reasons.

Do: Match Your Pink Clothes With Your Skin Tone
If you’re fair in complexion, it’s best you stay off wearing a pale shade of this colour. Darker guys on the other hand will be flattered by pale pink, which will be accentuated by their dark skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone like that of Ramsey Nouah, the colour just isn’t for you.

Don’t: Avoid Wearing Hot Neon Pink
Do your best to avoid wearing hot neon as those hues and any other really bright pink should be left for teenage girls. The hue is just too loud for a grown man or one intending to be stylish to pull off with style.

Do: Try Out The Pink Business Shirts
Pale pink shirts always make good business shirts and they are a good option for the corporate man. A pale shirt will go along with a classic navy suit and will ensure you stand out positively from the crowd which will mostly be made up of men dorning white and blue shirts, while still looking smart and not too attention-grabbingly out-there. You can also choose to wear an Oxford shirt to help complement suits that come in navy and charcoal grey colour.

Don’t: Wear A Pink Polo Shirt
For obvious reasons, wearing a polo short that comes in this colour should be avoided except you want to look and be perceived like an attention grabbing fellow. More so, the colour hue won’t look to good as a polo shirt on you than it will as business shirt.

Do: Match pink with black
The truth is fashion has gone through various stages of evolution and it is mostly about contrasts. That being said, there are few contrasts that are more stark than pink against black, whether you choose to pair a linen shirt with black skinny jeans as a casual outfit or you choose to wear a button-down with a black tie and suit in a business meeting.

Don’t: Ever Wear Pink Trousers
Wearing Pink trousers should be avoided as much as possible as only a few handful of men can ever get away with wearing them. More so, wearing this colour of trousers will also depend on what other colours you choose to wear with them. If you must wear pink trousers, be sure to keep the other colours you’re wearing muted or more traditional to keep things civil to the eyes of those that come across you.

Do: Use Pink Accessories
If you’re the type of man that finds it difficult to wear pink colours, you can choose to use a subtle accessory instead. A pink and navy tie or a pocket square that echoes your pale coloured business shirt, or loud coloured socks would do justice to your dressing. It is a statement colour and just a small splash of it w speak volumes.

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