New Perfumes Every Man Should Have To Smell Different From Everyone Else

There are a lot of perfumes available for men that virtually smell the same but a lot of new fragrances are coming with an entirely unknown smell. While you honestly don’t have to break the bank to smell good, there are a number of affordable perfumes that you can buy for yourself or as the perfect Christmas gift for those you love.

There was a time when there were fewer fragrances available for men in the market but things have changed now ad lots of stores sell a wide range of men’s scents of different types and at many different price points.

The continued rise in men paying attention to grooming has made more and more perfumes available, especially as gifts. The only challenge you may face is working out which one will best suit your personality or that of the person you’re buying for. Are you or that person the clubby, masculine type who would prefer something reeking of wood and leather, or the sportier and more extroverted, that would be better suited for an aquatic smell?

Whatever category you fall into, here are a number of new perfumes you can’t go wrong with.

Mercedes Benz Club Black

Mercedes Benz club black perfumes

If you’re the type of man that loves the famous German automobiles, then this Oriental perfume is the ideal choice for you. The Mercedes Benz Club Black boasts of a top note of seductive bergamot. It also features middle notes of jasmine and incense, and base notes of ambroxan, benzoin, wood and vanilla.

It is an ideal every day scent, because it appears masculine but does so in a manner that is not overpowering. It is also cheap and very well priced, considering the complexity it offers. The Mercedes Benz Club Black comes in a 100ml bottle and sells at 18,000 Naira.

Diesel Bad

Diesel bad perfumes

If you’re on the look out for a scent that will accentuate your masculinity, then the Diesel Bad is your uncompromising choice. Created by master perfumers, Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim from IFF, Diesel BAD evokes brooding virility, and has a certain sense of erotic mystery.

It comes in a leather grain-like bottle that has some pretty nice gold lettering. It is also the first scent to combine accords of tobacco and caviar to create a dynamic woody scent that exudes masculinity.

Just as the name of the perfume suggests, the Diesel Bad is a fragrance that is most ideal for the man with a rebellious nature or one that lives strictly by his own rules. It comes in a 75ml bottle and retails at about 30, 000 Naira.

Zipped Legend

Zipped legend perfume

The  Zipped fragrance collection for men has an alluring and masculine feel that brings out a deep and dark sensuality that women love. The zipped collection was one that was created to encapsulate the feel, personalities, and ‘smell’ of men that belong to the new generation.

The collection is one that was inspired by real urban men and the brand is designed to evoke a sense of power, freedom and energy amongst upwardly mobile men. The new Zipped ‘Legend’ fragrance is expected to be sold exclusively through Chemist Warehouse and a number of classy Beauty Spot stores worldwide.

It will be the fifth addition to the widely acclaimed Zipped Man range and the Zipped Legend comes in a 100ml and retails at 7,500 Naira.

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