Scientists Say Giving Compliments Can Help You Have A Happier Marriage

When you’re married, it’s the little things—such as the following thoughtful and meaningful compliments—that can help keep you and your spouse happy.

Compliments offer encouragement
Consider using your compliment as a way to make your partner feel invincible. Appreciate your spouse no matter the little things they do and constantly make them feel useful.

Compliments take just seconds
Affirmation is one of the most important things to give to a spouse because you’re basically making them know that they matter more than anyone else. That’s why even the smallest of compliments will go a long way. Take 10 seconds to tell your spouse ‘Wow, I love to watch you dance,’ or ‘That food you made was delicious.

Compliments do wonders for your brain
If you happen to be like most couples, there is a high chance that you have experienced certain moments in your relationship when other things such as your children, money or health take top priority over your marriage.

If you’ve ever felt like this, consider the power of the compliment. Compliments show you don’t take your spouse for granted and help raise your spouse’s dopamine and oxytocin levels, that, in turn, leads to a better emotional connection and more of an upbeat mood overall.

Compliments are best when they’re specific
To deliver an effective compliment, focus on a quality you especially value in your partner, such as ‘I really appreciate how dedicated you are as a mother to our children.’ Or focus on a specific deed.

Instead of just saying ‘Thanks, dear,’ say ‘Thank you for washing the dishes, dear, it means a lot to me.’ Being specific is always much better than being generic.

Compliments pair well with emotions
Compliments appear to even have more impact when they’re paired with a deep feeling. “If you say, ‘the designs you did looks great and makes me feel really at peace in our home,’ your partner will have a completely different reaction than if you just say that you like the interior decor work. compliment helps to add a more intense personal connection.

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