Seven Fashion Tips That Can Make Your Cheap Jeans Look Expensive

If you know how to rock it, your cheap pair of Jeans can look like it cost you ten times more. You just need to know the right things to do to make it look as expensive as possible.

Avoid Over-washing
The less often you wash jeans, the better they will be able to retain their original shape and colour. So, avoid throwing your denims in the washing machine unless they’re stained, smelly, or saggy.

Cheap Jeans is particularly inclined to fade, so turn them inside out before tossing them in the wash on the cold cycle. Let your jeans air dry so they don’t change shape in the dryer, and steam them in the bathroom while you shower to keep them smelling fresh between washes.

Use A Belt
Even if your jeans aren’t the perfect fit, you can fake a well-fitting waist by cinching with a belt. Pick a simple leather band to make your entire outfit look polished.

Pick One With The Right Amount Of Stretch
A pair of Jeans that has too much stretch will appear thin and saggy, but one that is more weighty will be more durable. As such, it is best to look for denims that are 98 percent cotton and 2 percent elastane.

To be sure, look for Spandex or Lycra on the label. This can help you get plenty use out of your jeans without them looking worn.

Avoid Those With Embellishment
Stick with those that come with subtle stitching over intricate back pockets. Gems and crazy designs tend to look tacky, but a plainer back looks sleek and will most probably stand the test of time.

Pick One With The Right Wash
If your intent is to look slimmer, go for a dark, uniform indigo wash is slimming. More so, it generally looks more upscale than lighter shades. You should however avoid jeans with fading and whiskering details, as they tend to make a cheap pair look even cheaper.

Avoid Ripped Jeans
Ripped Jeans looks cool, especially if they are expensive quality pieces. However, the tears can look rattier on cheaper pairs. This makes it best for you to look for an untorn pair in a solid wash for a more high-end look.

Look For The Right Piece
If your jeans sag in the back or pull in the front, you most definitely have an ill fitting pair. Length is just as important as waist size. Jeans that are too long long will drag on the ground, creating unsightly tears and frays after being trampled.

Get A Tailor To Make Adjustments
You may think taking your jeans to the tailor to get a custom fit is expensive, but the truth is you can do it cheaper than you think. Adjusting the rise could be a tough fix, but shortening the length or taking in the waist are easy alterations.

You can also ask your tailor to slim the legs if your favourite jeans have gotten too baggy.

Give Trouser Jeans A Try
These materials are made of denim but designed in a professional silhouette, to help you take your regular denim a fashion step higher. Even an inexpensive pair can pass for dress pants from afar, and the style is not only universally accept, but can also flatter your features well.

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