Style Mistakes Women Never Want To See On Their Men

A lot of style mistakes are unforgivable but some are and this is simply because of the fact that the woman you have your eyes on may change her mind about you. Some of these mistakes can be innocently made due to the fact that you’re unaware.

This is why we have rounded up common style mistakes that your woman will never forgive you for.

Wide Ties
No modern ties comes out wide. She wants you to go modern and trendy and wide ties are definitely not the way to go.

Overstuffed Wallet
Take out all the things you don’t need from your wallet to avoid you having bulging pockets. Take out the receipts, old business cards and whatever else is in there that you don’t need to use on a daily basis and both you and her will be happy you did.

Wearing Cargo Shorts and a Tank Top
Shorts that have cargo pockets or a tank top are to say the least tragic, talk more of wearing them together. A match if these will provide you with an appearance that she would rather forget.

Pleated Pants
Nothing is a bigger turnoff than the added bulk that pleated trousers give. It is even worse if your pants are double-pleated as they do not help to hide anything. Your woman probably hates the fact that it make you look larger and like you belong in the 80s.

Dirty Shoes
It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to clean your shoes. For sneakers, take two minutes, spray them with some cleaner and wipe them down. For dress shoes, a quick polish goes a long way. Women are quick to notice dirty shoes and you’d be doing yourself a big favour by keeping yours clean.

Shirts with Holes
She doesn’t want you to rock the yeezy collection, even though the distressed look is in vogue right now. Holes in your shirt just screams to her that you’re dirty and lazy. Put in some effort with your style and you both will be happy.

Bad Colours
Be sure to know the colours that work best for your skin tone and choose clothes that match accordingly. Very few things are distracting to women as you looking pale and wearing absurd colours on a date.

White Socks with Black Shoes
If you are wearing black or any shoe with darker hues, please do all you can to avoid wearing white socks. White Socks provides a Stark contrast that is very noticeable. It also looks blinding and silly to your woman.

Short-Sleeve Button-Downs

Except you work at a space observatory centre, you definitely want to avoid this look especially since your woman is bound to see you as someone stuck in his schoolboy days.

Tucked-In T-Shirt

Tucked in t shirt

If you’re thinking of Tucking in your T-shirt, know that you will likely look older, fatter and less athletic than you could ever possibly imagine. She definitely doesn’t want her man to look this way.

Baggy Clothes

Perhaps due to the need for comfort, you may consider wearing clothes that are big. This however is a turnoff for women as they mentally think that you borrowed what you’re wearing from your dad.


Flip flops

While Flip-flops can be a good way for you to flaunt your feet, it is best you reserve them for the beach. If you have more than a few of these casual shoes, it’s time you purge them from your wardrobe.

Crazy Hair
It is hard to see a professional man in a suit trying to calm down overgrown hair with gels and pomade, or one that chooses to make an outrageous hairstyle. She doesn’t want you to style your hair yourself and come out looking terrible. Go to the barber and save money on hair products.

Clothes With Bulging Buttons

Bulging buttons

A lot of men find it difficult to accept the extra kilograms they have put on and still stick to wearing their clothes that have become a size smaller. If you fall in the category of people that have fluctuating weight, it’s best to spend money on two sizes of shirts.

Your woman is most likely an expert in this, as she would have both fat and skinny clothes to get the best fit.

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