Suit Colours And The Occasions They Are Most Suitable For

Very rarely will you see men wear certain suit colours perhaps due to the fact that not many choices are available but it’s always good to know the shade that matches your needs. Just like other pieces of clothing, suits come in a variety of colours and hues but not all are acceptable for day-to-day needs.

It is always good to know which colours suits your needs and more importantly, your personality.
Here are common colours and the occasions that they are most suitable for.

The Black

Black suit

The black suit cannot easily adapt to different skin colours and as such, it’s versatility is limited. If you’re thinking of buying o wearing a black suit, it is important that you have a dark complexion to avoid looking washed out.

It also suits people with fairer skins, provided they match it with a contrasting shirt colour such as white. More so, black suits don’t work for all occasions, as they are best for formal events such as weddings and cocktails. Wearing them to other events may make you feel out of place.

More importantly, remember to always pair with a white shirt and monochromatic tie. If you can leave them out of the office in favour of grey or navy blue, please do.

The Grey

Grey suit

Grey coloured suits are known for their versatility and the ability to blend in with a variety of shirt colours, skin types and more importantly, different occasions.

There’s hardly any event that it won’t be acceptable to wear a dark shade of grey to, even though lighter shades of grey are certainly less formal, and blend in effortlessly with different patterns of shirts because the light colour amplifies the visibility of the design.

The Grey suit is something you should have as it is a mature and classy colour that you can comfortably dress up or down in, while combining it with a variety of ties and shirts, ranging from white to brown and black.

The Navy blue


If you can only afford to buy one suit, then you should make sure it comes as navy blue. This colour shade suits almost every occasion be it business meetings, informal gatherings and evening events.

The Navy blue hue suits sits completely and more importantly provides a neutral backdrop that completes every accessory especially when combined with bright colours such as a flashy pocket square or loud socks, as well as daring combinations involving your shirts and ties.

You can choose to wear the typical white button-down shirt but wearing bright and playful colours such as a soft pink shirt will provide the perfect canvas for your suit.

The Tan

Usher wearing white and tan

If you’re looking to wear a casual suit, one that comes with a tan is a good option. They are good for warm environments and you can pair them nicely with classic white buttoned shirts and hues that come as pastels.

The warm hue of the tan suit can also be complemented with shades of blue or cotton khaki, to have an interesting warm appearance. Deeper hues such as chocolate can also be worn with it but should only be worn to less formal occasions.

The White

White suit

White suits draw a lot of attention which is almost not always good. If worn for the right occasions and paired with the right accessories however, you can make a very bold statement with it. Where you can wear it to is pretty much restricted but you can have fun with it at very casual settings.

The Pink, Green And Yellow

Red suit

There’s absolutely no reason to have suits that comes in these colours except you’re a pop star that loves the pomp and flash. Stay off them if you can!

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